Automatic Beer Dispensers

Simple, streamlined and seamless — PourMyBeer’s automatic beer dispensers are a great way to engage customers while driving profits and saving your staff time. Now available in bars and restaurants around the country, our products offer a new way to serve up your favorite brews.

See how it works 

How — and Why — Do They Work?

  • Customers have their IDs checked and are issued an RFID card linked to their account. Alternately, with our tabletop automatic beer dispensers, staff grant access to up to two drinks per person at a time.
  • Customers pour their own beer, either at their table or at a tap wall. The system tracks how much they pour and calculates a tab automatically based on a price per ounce.
  • After two drinks or when a preset dollar limit is reached, customers have to check in with staff to reactivate their account. This ensures no one drinks to excess or spends beyond their means.
  • When it’s time to settle up, customers simply return their RFID card or table top unit. There’s no change to make or bills to calculate — the PourMyBeer system does it all.

Why Choose an Automatic Beer Dispenser?

Sure, the PourMyBeer automatic beer dispenser system looks great on paper, but what are the real-world benefits?
  • Cost savings. By tracking every ounce your customers drink, over-pouring is eliminated, and your organization can save up to 23% — around $140 — per keg.
  • Time savings. With an automatic beer dispenser, staff are freed up, and customers are free from the hassle of waiting in line or flagging down a server whenever they want a drink.
  • The “Wow” factor. Stand out from the competition by being the first establishment in your area to install an automatic beer dispenser. Customers love the novelty and the chance to sample new beers without committing to a full pint.
For these reasons and more, a PourMyBeer automatic beer dispenser is a great investment for any organization. Many of our clients see a return on their cost per line in as few as two or three kegs. Want to learn more or arrange a demonstration of this innovative new product? Contact the PourMyBeer sales team today!
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