Beer Tap System for Bar

Fixed Wall Beer Tap System

A beer tap system bar can take many forms but none seems to be as well received as that from They have introduced a self-serve draft beer table and beer wall with android tablets at the taps that is wowing customers and retail owners all over. Modern technology meets the timeless pleasure of enjoying a few beers at your favorite watering hole with friends thanks to the beer tap system for bars.

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This version of the bar beer tap system is the next step in the series that has already been taken by the owners at, Josh Goodman and Declan Duggan. They have been distributing a quality, fun, cost-effective beer tap system for bars for some time and are personally responsible for introducing the vast majority of the self-serve bar beer tap system applications in the U.S. to date. If you’ve been to a bar with a beer tap system, or if you’ve seen a beer tap system for bars on TV – for example, on the popular reality program “Bar Rescue” – you’ve probably seen Goodman and Duggan’s work in action.

Why Do I Need a Bar Beer Tap System?

A beer tap system for bars is an idea that fits in perfectly with our modern, high tech age. Using technology to put the control in the hands of the consumer, the bar beer tap system appeals to millennials and older beer drinkers alike.

If you have used the tried-and-true system of pulling and serving beer for many years, you might need to be convinced that the beer tap system for bars is the wave of the future. Any beer tap system for bar use has to show the owner that it is worth the cost, all while being aware there is stiff competition for regular bar tap equipment. This competition also exists for any self-serve beer system that engages consumers at the new point of purchase and also uses smart android tablet technology interfaces for that purpose. Customers who have tried a beer tap system for bars love the new look and user-friendliness of the new beer commander software systems. They simply press the ‘Go’ button on the screen in front of them after inserting their beer button (a hardware fob that stores a dollar credit that they pre-pay for), and they pour what they want from a bank of taps at a fixed beer wall; four or eight taps at a mobile beer wall and two taps on a mobile table.

Benefits of Our Beer Tap System for Bars

This is an ideal beer bar tap system, particularly for craft beer bars, brew pubs, and sports bars of any type of establishment; putting an emphasis on getting great beer to their customers in a timely fashion. Any bar, restaurant or watering hole that serves beer can see a boost in customer enjoyment, satisfaction and repeat business with a bar beer tap system in place. With a beer tap system for bars, your customers get to choose from a variety of beers and can control the volume of their pour. This way, they can get a couple of full glasses of their favorite brew, or sample a taster amount of a number of different beers, making the beer drinking experience more fun for your customers than ever before. Beer aficionados everywhere enjoy a tasting menu, and you can spread that fun to your customers with a bar beer tap system.

Your Staff Will Love a Bar Beer Tap System

On traditionally busy nights where there was a wait at the bar, the use of these beer tap systems takes pressure off the regular bar staff and servers serving beers to tables while trying to get through the crowds. Not to mention, the customers who do not enjoy that setting and lack of service experience they may encounter in a bar without a beer tap system are likely not to return to that establishment. This bar beer tap system allows the customer to help themselves and removes the angst associated with slow, or no service at high volume restaurants on their peak nights.

A beer tap system won’t replace your staff, but it can take a lot of the burden off them, allowing them to focus on other areas of service. Bar owners have known for years that unlike many other aspects of bar service, pulling a beer from a tap doesn’t take any particular skill – anyone can do it without special training. They haven’t been able to take advantage of that until now, with a beer tap system for bars that lets your customers serve themselves rather than waiting around for a busy bartender to service them.

Getting Your Own Bar Beer Tap System

If you can see all of the benefits of a beer tap system and are ready to find out how you can use one to save money and energize your customer base, you don’t have to wait. Getting started with a bar beer tap system is quick and easy. If you have one installed, you will delight your customers and modernize your business. At, you can find out everything you need to know to get started right now.

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