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We’ve come a long way since John Lofting invented the first beer dispensing engine back in the late 17th century. Bar dispensing systems have taken some quantum leaps in the last few decades, from the invention of the aluminum keg in the 60s, to the bar dispensing systems we have today, which allow customers to pour their own beer.


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Indeed, bar dispensing equipment as such is starting to catch hold in North America with over 350 locations now boasting some form of a self-serve beer concept. The two owners of, Josh Goodman and Declan Duggan, are responsible for the majority of those outlets having the bar dispensing equipment that they do.

Do you want to add to the number of establishments with bar dispensing systems, but aren’t sure if bar dispensing equipment is the right investment for you? Think about it: You may be losing too much money behind the bar from waste, and on top of that, your customers are getting frustrated waiting in line for beer. With the popularity and emergence of local, craft beer, you also have more competition than ever.

Investing in our bar dispensing equipment might seem like an overwhelming upfront investment for budget-conscious business owners, but it doesn’t take long for our system to earn its worth — and boost your bottom line over the long term. Plus, your customers will love your trendy addition and will start spreading the word to their beer-loving friends!

Here are some key points on how these bar dispensing systems work for the retail owner:

  • Self-serve bar dispenser equipment is a responsible, controlled method allowing customers to access the beer flavors they want, when they want it; but within certain state and local limits.
  • Bar dispenser equipment like this drives traffic to bars and restaurants especially with the ability for the customer beer button to hold a dollar credit value from one visit to the next. Visitors can purchase beer credits for their friends as gifts, celebrations and more!
  • Bar dispensing systems increase sales for the retail owner as their valued customers no longer have to wait for service. They simply go and pour it for themselves, making their experience at your establishment much more enjoyable.
  • To ensure a better pour for your customers, or to facilitate growler filling at our walls for example, please entertain using turbotapsas part of your bar dispenser equipment.
  • Self-serve beer tables and beer walls are saving retail owners money as they are no longer on the hook for the waste or giveaway that they typically have behind the bar.
  • Customer beer button sales are a new revenue stream that has never been done before. This addition to our bar dispenser equipment is ideal for cash-flow as the bar is paid before they dispense a drop of beer!
  • With bar dispenser systems, customers enjoy the novelty of pouring their own beer into the bargain. There is a real soft value to this as they tweet, Facebook, take and send photos of the units and “check in” at establishments all over the country. Customers will tell all their friends about the coolest bar dispensing equipment that they have ever seen, and you may even attract new customers as a result!
  • The social media benefits go beyond what your customers will do for you as well. If you’ve been looking for something new to spice up your establishment’s Facebook page, Instagram account or Twitter feed, pictures of your brand new bar dispensing equipment, and of your customers enjoying it, could be just the thing.

You don’t want to get left behind in the bar dispensing equipment revolution. It’s too late to get in on the ground floor. These bar dispensing systems have been tested and they work. However, you can still be at the forefront of the bar dispensing equipment movement. Getting your own bar dispensing systems for your bars or restaurants can still give you the edge over the other guys. These systems get people talking. A bar with a self-serve beer dispensing system is still new and different for many consumers, and they’ll flock to your establishment to enjoy the novelty of pouring their own beer. Having a variety of beer taps at their disposal is probably a dream of many of your customers. Now you can make that dream come true!

Even after the novelty wears off, the benefits remain. Who would ever get tired of going to a bar and skipping the fight to get the bartender’s attention, the awkwardness of trying to figure out which type of beer you want while everyone else is waiting, the lack of a need to tip – unless you want to tip yourself? Bar dispensing systems are the wave of the future. They can increase your business and save you time and money. The time to get in on this is now.

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