Beer Draft Systems

For many bars, restaurants and other licensed businesses, the beer draft system is the same as it has been since this country was founded — there is a wall of taps behind the bar, and a staff of servers to run between the taps as needed to bring each customer their orders.

See how it works  There’s nothing wrong with tradition, but this typical system has some flaws. Customers may need to wait — sometimes for a long while — to get their orders. Servers may make mistakes, may spill beer or may waste beer. In addition, hiring servers can be expensive. In fact, all these issues are what inspired PourMyBeer to open its doors. As one of our founders was waiting for his order at a bar, he noticed the harried servers, long wait times and sticky spilled beer. He thought there was a better way to get frosty glasses of brew to customers. He was right, and PourMyBeer draft systems were created. Our beer draft systems work on a very simple idea: Rather than bringing beer to customers, have customers serve themselves and pour their own beer.

How It Works

Our draft beer systems can be mobile or fixed and can be installed behind a wall or at a table. Our beer wall, for example, allows customers to walk up to an attractive wall of beer taps and:
  • Find the beer they want
  • Input their order on a screen
  • Pay
  • Pour their beer of choice
These walls stand out and tend to be a big hit at restaurants and bars. Our beer tables bring beer right to customers’ tables. Customers sit down and order any meal they wish. They then tap their beer order into the Magic Box right at the table. They can pay using the cashless system and pour full or partial glasses of beer from the taps available at their fingertips.

The Possibilities for You

Our self-serve beer systems have many advantages and possibilities. With our system, you can:
  • Reduce server reliance and server error and waste.
  • Offer partial glasses as well as full glasses of beer.
  • Use the system to automatically keep track of beer consumption each night and at each table, giving you the beer analytics you need to make adjustments as to how you advertise and serve beer.
  • Attract more customers with a more unique beer experience.
Many of our customers find our beer systems pay for themselves in two or three kegs. If you’d like to take advantage of all the possibilities while saving money long-term contact PourMyBeer to speak to us about your new beer pour system.
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