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Beer Pass System

How a self-serve Beer Wall works

This is a full video showing you how you can utilize the most reliable, easy to use and coolest self-serve beer/ wine technology to drive sales, make customers happy and completely eliminate waste/ theft or any losses associated with draft beer or wine.

Beer Pass System

The bar of the future is here with a self-serve beer tap wall utilizing a beer pass system. The beer pass system is incredibly simple. Your customers will pick it up almost immediately. All they have to do is purchase a drink pass from the bar, which is similar to a credit card with an embedded RIFD chip. With the beer pass system, the bartender loads the drink pass according to how much the customer wants to purchase, paying with cash or credit. Once the bartender loads the card, the drink pass is ready to use.

Using the Drink Pass in the Beer Pass System

Now the fun begins. Customers go to the taps and pick out their preferred beer. They then put the pass in the card reader that correlates with that beer’s tap. Then they simply tilt and pour the beer, watching the screen to see how many ounces they’re pouring.

With the beer pass system, you can pour as much or as little as you like. With so many beers to choose from, customers can pour a few ounces from each, moving the drink pass from tap to tap each time, or pour a full glass of their favorite beer from a single tap.

Benefits to the Beer Pass System

With the beer pass system, you can easily handle high volumes of beer drinkers, as they don’t need to wait for you to pull their beer for them. With the beer pass system from, it’s okay to be self-serving!

Simple. Fun. Effective. Drives Business.

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