Beer Pouring Machines

Thinking of adding a beer pouring machine to your establishment but wondering if they live up to the hype? There are plenty of reasons why leading bars, restaurants, clubs and other establishments are joining the self-serve revolution.

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Why Does Your Business Need a Beer Pouring Machine?

With a PourMyBeer beer pouring machine:

  • You stand out. Be the first in your area to let customers serve themselves, and your establishment will instantly generate buzz. In a competitive industry where everyone is looking to stand out, beer pouring machines are a great way of attracting new customers curious about this unique and convenient way to drink.
  • You save money. PourMyBeer’s beer pouring machines aren’t just a novelty. Our research has shown that clients can see a return on their line costs in just two to three kegs. Because customers pay for every drop they pour, no beer goes to waste. This can save you as much as 23% per keg, or an average of $141.60.
  • You drive sales. When it’s more convenient to drink, customers will drink more. Rather than waiting in line or struggling to find a server, our beer pouring machines offer drinks on demand. That translates to happier customers who are more likely both to stay longer and to come back again.
  • You avoid risk. During a rush, it’s easy for even the most responsible server to make a mistake. PourMyBeer systems contain built-in features that automatically prevent underage consumption and require customers to check in every two drinks. When you don’t have to worry about accidentally serving someone who shouldn’t be served, all your guests enjoy a safe, fun time.
  • You encourage choice. At PourMyBeer, we believe anyone who claims to not like beer simply hasn’t tried the right brew yet. With our beer pouring machines, customers no longer have to order by the pint. This gives them more freedom to try things they might not have otherwise tried and, hopefully, find a new favorite they’ll want to order again and again.

Want to learn more about our beer pouring machines? To arrange a demonstration or request more info, contact a PourMyBeer sales rep by phone or email today.

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