Beer Tap Equipment

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As most people in the bar industry are aware, the bar tap equipment business has gotten pretty busy in the past decade or so with the craft beer craze and consumer demand for more beer choices.

A restaurant looking for bar taps equipment has a number of choices when it comes to the main fixings behind the bar, but PourMyBeer has made a large leap in front of any competitors with our latest offering of self-serve tap wall systems.

Our system allows customers to pour their own beer. 

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Why Self Serve Beer Tap Equipment?

Consumers today are looking for a personalized experience. They don’t want to wait in line, they don’t want to be treated like everyone else! That’s why our system has grown in popularity, and continues to be the #1 system across the globe.

Who Uses Tap Equipment?

We’ve installed hundreds of self-serve beer walls across the globe. Industry leaders, as well as smaller businesses, are taking advantage of this revolutionary beer tap equipment and reaping the rewards.

Companies like Buffalo Wild Wings, Dickey’s Barbecue, Hilton, U.S. Air Force & Marine Corps, Whole Foods, and Caesars Entertainment have all installed our system and seen the profits.

We’ve also been gaining popularity among the everyday modern office scene. Offices looking to add that extra hangout and contemporary worldview are looking to install smaller systems that workers can enjoy post-workday.

Why PourMyBeer Tap Equipment?

  • Reliability: Our system is the most reliable system on the market today. It’s purpose-engineered, hardwired, A/C-powered and built to serve visitors the best quality brews, year round.
  • Security: Our system is also the most secure. We know that security is important, that’s why we use designated RFID cards and powerful encryption to keep user data safe.
  • POS Integrations: Our system can be integrated with many different point of sale (POS) systems. Call our sales team to see if we’re integrated with your POS system!
  • Unique Patron Experience: How often do YOU get to pour your own beer at a restaurant, bar or hotel?
  • Responsible Consumption: Yes, it may not seem responsible, but after hitting a 2 beer limit, consumers must see a staff member to get their card reloaded- where they can be checked to ensure they’re being responsible.
  • Greater Choice: One sip, half a glass, full glass, it doesn’t matter! Since consumers are paying by the ounce, they have greater ability to try more beers without the stress of commitment
  • Less Wait, Increased Customer Satisfaction: Bar and restaurant owners like them as they reduce wait times at the bar increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Superior Customer Support

Our bar tap equipment is constructed to exceedingly high-quality control standards right here in the USA. As a result, we guarantee 99% uptime. If something does go wrong with our systems, we never charge for the time it takes to get it back up and running. All data is stored on a secure, cloud-based system that can be accessed from any phone, tablet or mobile device. Support staff members are also available around-the-clock to assist either remotely or in person.

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