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Commercial Wine Dispenser

Commercial Wine Dispenser

PourMyBeer is expanding our reach with the introduction of the commercial wine dispenser. We love being known for our innovative self-serve beer systems, but it’s time to show the world we know a thing or two about wine, too!

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Maintaining a Company-Regulated Flow

Upon arrival at your establishment, a customer interested in wine will be carded to ensure they are of legal drinking age by a member of your staff. Once it’s confirmed they’re old enough to enjoy your selection of delectable wines, your staff will hand them an RFID card, which they can then use to activate your commercial wine dispenser.

We aim to provide as much convenience as possible, which is why the RFID cards can either be preloaded with a specific amount of money or used to open a tab the customer will pay at the end of their night.

Provide Convenience to Your Customers

Now that your age-appropriate customers have their RFID cards, they’re free to peruse the wine bar as soon, and as often, as they like. Not only does this mean they won’t have to wait for a refill from their bartender/server, but it also means they don’t have to decide on a wine without first having tasted it.

Committing to a bottle, or even a glass of wine, can be difficult sometimes — especially when your customers want to try new flavors. The beauty of the commercial wine dispenser is that they’re free to pour and taste an ounce of every wine available before they make their decision, ensuring the wine they choose is one they’ll love.

Forget About Wasting Wine & Losing Money

Say goodbye to losing money based on a customer’s dissatisfaction with their wine and heavy-handed pours. Thanks to our commercial wine dispenser, your customers are able to taste any wine they like before pouring a glass. They’re guaranteed to end up with one they love, and since the RFID cards monitor every drop poured, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of knowing that no matter how much they pour, you’ll get paid for every last drop.

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