Draft Beer Equipment

Draft Beer Dispensing System

Draught beer — also known as draft beer — is poured from a keg or cask rather than being served individually in cans or beer bottles. When people first hear about PourMyBeer and our unique concept of self-serve beer equipment, they assume draft beer is off the table. They might believe that maybe some states will permit self-serve of bottles or cans, but surely only bartenders can sling beer?

See how it works  We’re proud to say that’s not the case. Our draft beer equipment lets you install a draft beer self-serve station at your bar or restaurant. The unique beer dispensing system does have to be installed by professionals, and PourMyBeer has a network of qualified technicians to help you with that.

The Right Equipment for Your Establishment

We know every restaurant, pub, bar, casino, hotel and other business with a license has unique needs. It’s why we’re willing to work with our clients to establish the right system for their unique needs. We offer two basic draft beer serving systems:
  • Fixed. As the name suggests, this system is installed at a bar, table or wall with a fixed beer line as with most draft beer systems.
  • Mobile. Our mobile system does not require a beer line. Instead, stand-alone fridge systems are hidden behind a wall or table. We even have mobile systems on wheels for added flexibility.
No matter which system you choose, PourMyBeer lets you customize the experience. For example, you can choose how to install the system, and you can choose to have an android tablet feature installed with your system. If you have an idea for installing your self-serve beer system, just give us a shout, and we’ll be happy to help you work to realize your plans.

Why Self-Serve Draft Is a Great Investment

Many of our clients find our draft beer equipment pays for itself in just two or three kegs. The savings realized on server time, giveaways and loss of revenues caused by frustrated customers leaving your bar after not being served are immense. In addition, many hotels, casinos and other establishments find our draft beer equipment drives business to their companies. Customers love the idea of self-serve draft beer and are eager to try it out for themselves. If you want to add a new feature that will get customers talking about your business and arriving at your doors, contact PourMyBeer to find out how our draft beer equipment and products can benefit your establishment and your customers.
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