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Self-pour beverage walls enable operators to run their establishments more efficiently with less staff while maximizing their beverage sales!




greater profits

less than





labor cost




labor cost

We Are Liquid Agnostic

If it’s a liquid, we can pour it! Self-pour technology provides many options just like a regular bar – if not more! Beer is not the only thing to pour, there is wine, cocktails, sodas, kombucha, and even cold-brew coffee. Since our self-serve technology is so versatile, it reaches a broader market as there are more choices for customers. 

What is

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& How did it Start?

Josh Goodman, Founder and CEO of PourMyBeer, was tired of waiting for a drink at the bar and knew there had to be a better solution. To learn more about how PourMyBeer got started and how it works, check out this video where Josh discusses the ins and outs of self-pour!!

Backed by a World-Leading Beverage Company

Same as our customers, Coca-Cola European Partners Ventures had a choice in the self-serve technology market, and the fact that CCEP chose to invest in PourMyBeer over all the other self-pour technology providers in the market is a major vote of confidence in our technology, team, and vision.

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High Return on Investment

With self-pour technology, your establishment will sell more, serve more, and earn more! The experience is so fun for customers they will become raving fans, giving your restaurant or bar positive word of mouth and creating repeat and loyal customers.

Selected by more brands than all other providers combined

Big industry players, who are making millions of dollars, decided to partner with PourMyBeer because they saw how self-pour beverage walls increase efficiency and maximize revenue, so you are definitely on the right page.

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Although we do have some pretty awesome big players on our side, most of our family members are independent entrepreneurs. Our customers had dreams about bringing self-pour technology and fun to their communities, and that is just what they did!

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Why Industry Titans and self-pour entrepreneurs choose

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Highest Quality Tech
Built to improve upon all other existing product shortcomings. Commercial/ Industrial-Grade screens, not cheap tablets.
Lowest Cost of Ownership
Click for cost comparison.
Most Reliable System
Purpose-engineered, hardwired, A/C-Powered System, that has never been replaced.
Most Secure
128-bit encryption keeps your system safe.
Most Integrations
Connects with more systems than any other..
Superior Reporting
Realtime Stats and predictive analytics at your fingertips.

Avoid crowds!

How It WORKS for Operators

While self-pour technology doesn’t require waiters to bring drinks to tables or bartenders to pour drinks, operators still need about 50-70% of their manpower. Employees appreciate self-pour because they are able to handle more tables at once, resulting in higher tips. IDs need to be checked, PourMyBeer drinking cards must be reauthorized, and staff needs to explain to customers how self-pour works to make it easy for them! Lessening your force allows you to reduce labor costs and the staff that you do employ can focus on providing excellent customer service!

CraftWorx Owner - Chris

On our busiest nights with 200+ customers, we can serve customers efficiently with only 3 staff members. We’ve seen as many as 16 people pouring at the wall at once!

Chris McCarrick

Owner of CraftWorx Taproom​

We retrofitted all three of our taprooms to PourMyBeer and had an amazing experience with their entire team. We have had the system for almost 4 months and have minimal issues with the technology and hardware and the small issues we did have were fixed instantly.

Rich Moyer

Owner of Hoppin' Brands

60% of our total alcohol revenue comes from our self-pour tap wall, staffed by 1 employee, while only 40% of alcohol revenue comes from our traditional bar, in which we have 4 employees staffed.

Jim Wright

Director of Operations at Stanley Beer Hall

Samantha Rincione Headshot

I don’t even know where to start with how impressed we are with PourMyBeer. We run a company with many units and any issue that has ever come up, big, small, silly, etc., has been handled within 10 minutes. Josh, the CEO, assured me if we went with his system, we would not be disappointed. I stressed we had many franchisees and that customer service was the most important service we needed with these systems. Josh personally promised he’d have my and my franchisees backs. Many stores later here, we are crushing it together… Great company with impeccable service!

Samantha Rincione

Owner of Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ

Bryon Hetherton Headshot

Best self-pour company out there and we’ve tried them all! Equipment is high quality, customer service is excellent, and the overall experience has been amazing! Well done Josh and Team. You guys are doing it the RIGHT way!

Byron Hetherton

Co-Owner of The Commons

Operator's Reporting

Our BKG reporting system, a play on words from an EKG (replace the E with a B for beverage), provides operators with insights into consumption patterns and pour data. It offers everything you need to know about the consumption of each product on your beverage wall. The in-depth information the reporting system provides will increase efficiencies, beverage sales, and profits. There is so much more to learn about the robust reporting system, so be sure to get in touch with our team to check the cool features it provides.

Self-Pour Vs. Traditional Dispense Method

The restaurant industry is the most labor-intensive industry, so finding technology to automate operations is essential. Self-pour beverage technology provides operators with an automated solution to serve more guests while reducing labor costs. Learn the benefits self-serve beverage tech provides over a traditional dispense method.

self-pour beverage wall benefits

Malcolm Yards Case Study

Malcolm Yards, located in Minneapolis, MN, is taking advantage of how self-pour tech improves efficiencies. Malcolm Yards is home to a 32-tap self-pour beverage wall and a 48-tap traditional bar. When comparing the total revenue from their self-pour taps to their bar, they found some astonishing numbers.

In this case study, you will learn which setup (traditional or self-pour) brings in most of their total alcohol revenue, where most of their pours come from, and how much staff is needed to operate each. We don’t want to spoil any more, so fill out the form below to read the whole case study!

We have your back!

At PourMyBeer, we believe in providing best-in-class technology that benefits both the operator and the customer. We are constantly innovating to improve our technology. Since starting PourMyBeer in 2015, we have made adjustments and updates to our software, and we are now on Version 42! Throughout these 41 versions, we have never had our system replaced, which proves how much our customers love our self-pour tech!

Once you become a PourMyBeer family member, we equip you with the right resources to set you up on your journey to self-pour success! We put together a center full of resources for our self-pour family members, including self-pour university, graphics, videos, and more to get you started!

Our team is spread across the country, so we are always available when you need us. Our self-pour technology enhances the customer experience and ensures that they never have to wait for a drink again. 

Full 3-Year Replacement Warranty

We offer a full 3-year replacement warranty, and we were the first provider on the market to offer this to customers. This is one of the many reasons why PourMyBeer is the true market leader, but don’t just take our word for it. Read further to learn more about us. We are equally excited to get to learn more about your business and help you tap into the profits with self-pour!

Looking for help when it comes to financing your self-pour restaurant?

How It WORKS for customers

Patrons will be from door to pour in no time. For more details about the process of self-pour, click here.

Your customer will be issued an RFID card upon checking their ID. They can run a tab by leaving a credit card with a staff member or they can pre-load a dollar amount.
Once the RFID card is placed in the slot above the desired tap(s), the system recognizes the card and grants access. Your customer will see their available funds on the main display as well as a real-time drink meter that goes down as they pour.
Customers enjoy their new-found freedom to responsibly sample and refill at their leisure. More time to spend doing what they came to do, socialize! This will free your staff up to give better service. It's a true win-win for everyone!

Ready to Tap into The profits?


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