Frequently Asked Questions

(And Answers)

How is this legal?

PourMyBeer’s system limits guests to accessing only 2 drinks at a time. For wine, a drink is 5-7 ounces and for beers, it is 10-16 ounces. When the customers reach the point where they need to get their RFID card or wristband reauthorized, your staff can give their RFID card access to 2 more drinks. The only States that have NOT given permission to use our systems are New Mexico, Utah, Oklahoma, Oregon, Montana, Vermont, and West Virginia. We are working on changing that.



How do customers use it?

Your customers will come to the bar/check-in area where they will receive an RFID card upon showing you their ID for legal drinking age verification and providing a payment card. They can either pre-pay for a dollar amount or open a tab to pay when they are done. We limit their consumption to 2 drinks (32 oz. of beer or 12 oz. of wine at a time). Once they reach this limit, your staff can reactivate the card for another 2 drink limit at any of the screens above the taps without having to go back to the check-in terminal. This process is in place to avoid overconsumption. 

Watch a video on How Customers use PourMyBeer and request a free quote here.

What beverages can the PourMyBeer system serve on draft?

If it’s liquid, we can pour it!! We have experience dispensing anything from beer, wine, cocktails, sake, sodas, cold brew and kombuchas, and even expensive olive oil or soy sauce. Any liquid poured with our system requires the same hardware so there is no difference in price.

How is pouring wine different from pouring beer?

Yes, you can pour wine using the exact same hardware we use for the beer systems; the only difference is using a nitrogen gas rather than CO2 beer gas. Your local liquor distribution company will carry a large range of wine in keg form rather than bottles, which is much better for the environment. If you need to offer something that comes in wine bottles only, let our team know as we can make that happen also. Here is an example of what a wine-only venue looks like. 

Where is PourMyBeer made?

The idea for the technology was born in the USA, although the initial development of our product took place in Austria. A team of 15 engineers who have been designing and implementing dispense technology for 20+ years gives us a heightened advantage in the market. We now have a team of software engineers in the USA and Europe working together as we continue to evolve our technology. All of the IP and ownership of the system resides in the USA. We are able to change, update and fix our code, because we own it.

How much does a self-serve beer wall cost?

Our system is built for your business. It’s completely custom based on needs, budget, number of taps, etc. Request a free quote to get an evaluation for your business!

What other costs do I need to consider?

We are experts when it comes to self-serve drink technology. We lean on our regional partners like Micro Matic and Perlick when it comes to the actual dispense system. You’ll want to budget $700- $1,000 per tap when it comes to the cost to build a beer system. You’ll also need to budget for the actual construction of the wall and make sure the amount of voltage needed is available to run the system. Outside of that, our project manager will help ensure that things go smoothly.

How quickly can we deliver a PourMyBeer wall?

We have been known to make miracles happen and turned a wall around in a few days, but typically we suggest 6 – 8 weeks so all the appropriate planning can be carried out and make the project go smoothly for your team. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more detailed questions. 

How long does it take to install a PourMyBeer wall?

We suggest to account for about an hour per tap of actual install time on-site. This time can vary depending on how ready the site is, so to ensure that the install goes smoothly we send out a list of all the items we require before we get on-site.

We’ve had 20 tap installations take less than a few hours to install on our end, but the average is about 1 hour per tap, thus most installs would be fully complete after two days on-site. For larger projects, we’ll deploy a team of 2-3 technicians. There are 4 parts of fulfillment: Project Management, Installation, Training, Follow up. We pride ourselves on being excellent at all 4.

Why PourMyBeer?

Companies are always telling you how great they are or that they’re the “industry leader?” We’re not here to do that, we’re here to show you why you should choose PourMyBeer over other self-pour technology providers. We got our start by working WITH and distributing most of the competitive systems in the market before we decided to build our very own self-serve system. Over the years we have thoughtfully engineered our hardware/software around two basic functions: simplicity and stability. This is evident in side-by-side comparisons of the behind the scenes wiring of our systems vs. theirs. Everyone else uses consumer-grade hardware like Android tablets or iPads. Not us. All of our hardware is custom built and purposefully engineered to take the beating that comes with the bar/restaurant industry. We are the only company that uses 100% hardwired connections. WiFi goes down? Not a problem for our system, BIG problem for the others. There are some scary stories of competitive systems going down with a packed house just because the WiFi flickered off. Nothing more defeating than seeing 50 people with open tabs leave because your internet goes down. We’ve made a nice little business out of replacing other self-pour systems in the market for the above reasons.

We take pride in the fact that our company has never had a customer start with PourMyBeer and later switch to a different system. We have won every RFP with major companies such as Whole Foods, Buffalo Wild Wings, Caesars and more! When choosing a partner, these companies are extremely thorough in the process to ensure that they do not get stuck with a lemon as their vendor. Along with our strong work ethic, we are often told by our customers that our team is a lot more fun to work with and brings a positive energy to the table that others do not. 🙂

Does PourMyBeer track how much of my product is sold?

The software behind the hardware tracks every ounce of every pour. Business owners are able to track more product than ever before. Track how much product you sell each night, each hour, at each tap or table! This means no more wasted product or unpaid pours.

My country/state requires dispense limits for self-serve. Is that an issue?

Not a problem! The PourMyBeer Technology can be fully customized to dispense any volume you require. If you need to have specific amounts dispensed in various sizes this can easily be programmed. If you have a high strength beer or wine that you want to limit the amount served, no worries. Each product is fully customized by you.

What type of support do you provide after the installation of your system?

We are the only company in this industry to have an established service network and offices on the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast. Our team provides your business with the confidence that if there’s ever a problem, someone will answer your call. We log into your system while we’re on the phone with you, diagnose the issue and resolve it. We log every technical support call that comes in so we can continue to improve our hardware, software, and training so you don’t have to face any issues down the road. In the event that a part is needed, we overnight it to our customers at no additional cost. We designed our systems so that a 6-year-old can install and support them.

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