Mobile Bar Equipment

When most people think of mobile bar equipment, they think of ice bins that you can sell bottles from at an overcrowded bar on St Patrick’s Day, or mobile wet bars with limited cocktail, bottled beer, and wine sales (think hotel conventions!) and the like.

See how it works  Customers and retailers are generally pretty excited when they see the mobile beer bar crafted by Our mobile draft tables and beer walls act as mobile bar equipment but without the need for bar staff to operate them. Again, the customers serve themselves! Mobile bar equipment functions like the beer walls of our standard bar beer tap system, except they can give customers even more control. Going to a wall to pour your own beer whenever you’re ready for the next round is great, but pouring yourself a beer from a tap right at your table is even better. A mobile bar wall isn’t quite as convenient as a mobile bar table. You can, however, position a mobile bar wall where it is most convenient for your customers, necessitating as few steps as possible from finished beer to refill.

How do they do that you ask?

They purchase a unique ID key fob from the bar (we call it a beer button); they pre-pay a pre-determined dollar value they feel they will spend, and insert it in a receptor by the tap to pour one of the tap’s beer choices. As they pour, their available credit goes down in correspondence. Our mobile beer bar units are on castors that allow them to be moved from place to place in the restaurant to suit different day parts or functions. Hotels and stadiums can move them from one area to another for the next big event coming up.

Why use mobile bar equipment?

If you’ve been pulling beers the traditional way for years, you may have some reservations about a bar beer tap system like the bar wall. You may not be ready to do a full renovation before the idea has been tested. With mobile bar equipment like a mobile bar wall or bar table, you can test a self-serve beer tap system before making a big commitment. Start with one wall or a few tables. When you see how much your customers love it, you can upgrade! With our product, you get the flexibility of other mobile bar equipment with the real time functionality and customer engagement of our mobile beer bar, be it the table or the beer wall. Customers love choice, but so do retail owners. It has been one of the driving factors behind our innovation. They want to be able to adapt to changing needs of groups and parties as they happen and that’s essentially what they get when they purchase one of our mobile units. Deploying our units is a breeze and truly ‘plug & play.’ Our install team is generally in and out of the establishment in less than two hours after training the staff on the equipment operation. If you are a pre-existing business that would find it difficult, costly, and disruptive to your business to retrofit beer and glycol lines for a fixed system, then mobile beer systems are for you.
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