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The PourMyBeer and MyAxisPoint POS integration help to make the process of opening and closing customers in self-pour establishments, big or small, a breeze with 100% of operations done through one POS system. This integration enables operators to maximize beverage sales and improve operational efficiency.  Our self-pour technology has an open API system, so instead of creating our own POS system, we leave it up to you as operators to decide which will work best for your establishment. An open API saves customers money and the hassle of switching to a new system. The top existing POS players on the market have put a ton into R&D, ensuring the best available systems. We used this as an opportunity to perfect our technology and make sure that our self-pour beverage walls have the versatility to integrate with the top existing POS providers. PourMyBeer is the only self-pour provider that integrates with these systems

how does it work?

Integration Benefits

This integration rapidly increases efficiency and speed of service in both front and back-of-house operations. A benefit of this integration is that only one piece of hardware is needed. The self-pour beverage database can be accessed through the MyAxisPoint terminal, making the process extremely smooth. Using one piece of hardware simplifies operations and removes excess problems operators may encounter when working from several systems. They are cloud-based for reporting and configuration but can run on any Windows device. With MyAxisPoint POS, closing a customer out is much smoother since the beer wall purchases automatically appear on the customer’s tab.

MyAxisPoint has a long list of POS features that will increase your establishment’s profits. Some of the features include:

  • Tableside order & pay
  • Remote printing 
  • Gratuity
  • Transfer of checks
  • Splitting checks
  • An integrated gift card, loyalty, and rewards system
  • Guest Count
  • Partial Payments/ Payment at any time

Gratuity can be given and signed during the check-in process, so customers can leave once they are ready to go.

These are just some of the many features MyAxisPoint POS will bring to any establishment.

Benefits for Operators

  • Helps in the Staffing Crisis: Since guests are pouring themselves, less staff is needed to run operations, reducing your labor costs and increasing profits!
  • Increase Service Efficiency: Guests do not have to wait in lines and can approach the wall as frequently as they need a refill. Since they are drinking at their own pace (typically faster than being served), table turnaround time will quicken, resulting in higher profits.
  • Reduce Waste: Every ounce the customer pours is accounted for and added to their tab. As an operator, you will no longer be paying for overpours, free samples, or spillage. 
  • Increase Beverage Sales: Customers will pour at their own pace, which is typically much faster than they can be served. The efficiency of the integration reduces wait times, and every ounce is accounted for.
  • Easy & Quick Check-in and Check-out Station: Since there is only one piece of hardware needed, servers will only need to be trained on one system. Not only will this reduce the chance of error, but it will speed up the process as data does not have to be entered into two different systems.

With the new freedom of self-pour, guests sample more, resulting in higher profits. Every ounce poured is tracked, so no more handing out free samples for guests to try out your beverage options. Since guests are in charge of pouring themselves, less staff is needed to run operations efficiently. This is particularly helpful in the ongoing staffing crisis because people are hesitant to work in an unstable industry. Patrons love the interactive and unique experience that the PourMyBeer self-pour beverage walls bring. For the owners, this integration decreases costs while vastly increasing profits.

The Golden Mills Experience with our Integration

The Golden Mills in Colorado has seen record sales and foot traffic exceeding 6000 customers every weekend. The PourMyBeer and MyAxisPoint integration has allowed them to get customers in and out of their doors at record speeds, so their table turnaround time is extremely quick. With this integration, they have become one of our most successful self-pour establishments. Check out this video to see the integration in action!

Benefits for Customers

  • Faster Service: Customers can approach the beverage wall whenever they want so they will never be left sitting without a drink again. 
  • Ability to Sample: Guests can now pour as little or as much as they want because the control is completely in their hands. Since they can try small portions, they will not be hesitant to experiment with new options that they would have difficulties committing to if it was a full glass.
  • Quick Check-in: Since information only needs to be inputted into one system, guests can start pouring within the first minute of entering the establishment.
Here are the steps to check-in and out a customer with the MyAxisPoint and PourMyBeer integration:
  1. The host logs into the MyAxisPoint system.
  2. The host opens a new tab.
  3. The credit card processor links to the PourMyBeer RFID card.
  4. The customer is ready to enjoy some self-pour fun.

5. Once the customer finishes sampling, the host will close out the tab. This whole process is handled on the MyAxisPoint terminal.

5. Once the customer finishes sampling, the host will close out the tab. This whole process is handled on the MyAxisPoint terminal.

To learn more about our integrations, call us at 312-416-9989 or email us at! And if you would like to see more videos of the PourMyBeer system in action, click below!


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