Million Dollar Self Pour

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by Tána Rulková

City, State

If you win, when would you like to be open?

How much more capital do you plan on investing/ raising/ borrowing to open your place up (excluding the cost of what we’re providing for the technology and dispensing system)?

If you win this contest, how do you plan on getting the additional needed capital?

What is the likelihood that you’d open up a self-pour taproom if you don't win this contest?

If you don’t win and we offer to finance the equipment over 2-3 years, would you be interested in pursuing that?

How much experience do you have in the restaurant/ hospitality industry?

Would you do more than the 30 taps that you’d get for free if you win this contest?

In 200 words or less, tell us why you want to open a self-pour tap room and why we should choose you.

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