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Refer a restaurant group, operator, or franchisee to PourMyBeer and earn $1,000!

Partnership referral

We meet some awesome people through referrals from friends. Introduce us to your network, and we’ll thank you with a cash bonus if they are on board to partner with PourMyBeer.

are you Ready to help a friend serve more customers with Less Staff?

Before you refer someone to our technology, it is important you know the benefits that come with implementing a self-pour beverage wall. 

The friend you refer will see...

Increase Profits by 45% or More

Decrease Labor by 20% or More

Increase Your Service Efficiency 4x 

Reduce Waste to as Little as 1%

Refer your friend now!

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Please review the terms and conditions before submitting a referral.

Here's How it Works:

1. Refer a friend

Give us all the basics in the form and we’ll take it from there. Remember, terms apply for bonus eligibility.

2. We connect with your referral

The PourMyBeer team will reach out to your referral and let them know that you recommended us. If it’s a good fit, we’ll show them how they will benefit as our partner.

3. Your referral joins our community of partners

Thanks to you, we have gained another fantastic partner. This partnership will benefit new and existing PourMyBeer locations and ensure they have all the tools needed to run a successful business. 

4. You earn Money!

Once we deem your referral a good fit, and they sign on with us, you will receive $1000!

Please review the terms and conditions before submitting a referral.


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