self-pour beverage wall

The Solution In The Post-pandemic Hospitality Industry

Increase Operational Efficiency

At a traditional bar with multiple bartenders who are practicing social distancing, it could take a while to get a drink. With self-pour, customers can go up to the wall whenever they want, pour their drinks, and still respect social distancing practices. 

Reduce Touchpoints & Close Social Interactions

Self-pour gives the customer complete control of their drinking experience. Customers no longer have to order beverages from the table with their servers; they now have the freedom to pour their own drinks. This significantly reduces the spread of infection because the number of interactions between the staff and customers is not as high. For more detail, see the visual below.

Avoid Creating Crowds

Customers don’t have to wait at a crowded bar to order a drink anymore. Self-pour walls allow customers to go up to the wall, take the safety measures they are comfortable with and get drinks whenever they feel most comfortable doing so.

Optimize Guest Capacity & Increase Usable Space

With self-pour beer walls, you can increase your usable space by 10%. Customers will be able to respect proper social distance protocols and stay six feet apart while still pouring their own beverages.  

Maximize Customer Flow

Even with a lower capacity, you have the ability to serve more customers since there is no need to wait for a bartender to pour their drinks. Ultimately, this will increase your profits.

Easily Display Cleaning

Cleaning the taps and screens in front of customers will provide them with a sense of comfort knowing that your establishment is practicing proper sanitization and reducing the risk of infection.

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The of Self-Pour Technology

PourMyBeer self-pour beverage wall are the solution in the post covid world
PourMyBeer self-pour beverage wall in the covid world


The PourMyBeer team had the opportunity to speak to John Felico, the owner of Auggie’s Draft Room, a restaurant and self-pour taproom in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida. John shared his experience with reopening Auggie’s in a post-COVID world and explained the strategies he continues to employ in order to keep his customers safe at his establishment. Learn about John’s strategies by watching the video below!

Why should anyone touch your drink and risk the chance of contaminating it?

Self-pour provides the perfect solution in a post-pandemic world. Guests can maintain social distance, touchpoints are minimal, and patrons will feel safe and comfortable while pouring themselves. Avoid the crowds and touchpoints that come with a traditional bar and see why self-pour is a great solution!

Join the self-pour revolution!

Join the self-pour revolution!

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