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Custom-Built Screens

Our best-in-class system starts with our superior screens. Here's the magic:

Click a number on the screen to find out why PourMyBeer’s system is best in class.

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Highest Quality Tech

  • Every major operator who conducted a formal Request For Proposal screening process selected PourMyBeer over the others. Click here for a full comparison.

Multiple Taps Per Screen


2 taps per PourMyBeer Screen
3 taps per PourMyBeer screen

Don’t let being short on wall space limit how many taps you have – with PourMyBeer, you can have as many as 4 taps per screen, saving on wall space and enabling the grouping of beverages by screen.

The Most POS Integrations

Rather than try to reinvent the wheel and create our own POS or marketing apps, PourMyBeer recognized early on that it’s best to have an open system that’s as agnostic as possible so that it can integrate with all of your critical restaurant operations systems. Rather than try to build our own POS, we built an open API that enables us to easily integrate with other systems.

Integrated with Untappd

Untappd for Business is the perfect tool to get your establishment in the eyes of your target market. If you want to get more beer drinkers through your doors, Untappd for Business is what you need. Untappd users will find your venue based on the beers you are serving, upcoming events, your city/state, or by who else is drinking and checking in to your establishment. Consumers use Untappd to discover new spots/find specific drinks, so having your establishment on the app is a fantastic way to get newcomers through your doors and make loyal customers out of existing ones.

Untappd & PourMyBeer integration

Easy Tap-to-Activate Technology

PourMyBeer’s technology is custom-made in-house, which means no one else offers our revolutionary tap-to-activate tablets. This reliable, user-friendly technology is designed to work 24/7 and ensure your customers enjoy the self-pour experience you provide. Outperform every competitor with technical benefits such as:

  • No battery replacements: When tablets are battery-powered, they run the risk of swelling. This can cause cracked screens or internal damage quickly, meaning you have to spend more money on replacements. Our industrial-grade tablets are built to last longer without the added risk of batteries.
  • Working with and without Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi connectivity on our tablets lets you stay up to date to the minute on information such as keg levels and profits. Sometimes, though, your Wi-Fi may go out. If this happens during the busiest part of your day, you may not be able to fix it right away. Even when that happens, PourMyBeer’s equipment will continue functioning so that you don’t lose out on a single sale.
  • Linux-based operating system: We built our technology from the ground up and made sure that every feature would work for the modern distributor. We also regularly update our system to maintain the best security and accessibility for you and your patrons. However, we know your schedule can be unpredictable, so you’ll be free to update your systems on your own time. 
User-friendly interfaces

Around-the-Clock Customer Care

When you work in an industry that doesn’t run during normal business hours, getting immediate support for your systems can be challenging. PourMyBeer boasts 24/7 customer care service so that you can get back to work quickly after experiencing issues. Even though we serve over 500 customers worldwide with our self-pour systems, our support staff sees less than 10 calls per week, showcasing our commitment to reliable and user-friendly technology.

Still, our staff is always available to provide ongoing assistance for any questions, confusion or errors you may encounter. As long as you use our system, our project managers will be waiting on the other end of the phone to assist you. Our remote workers are located all around the country, so there’s someone nearby to understand and meet your needs.

Even before you commit to our system, our contact page is always open. We want to hear your concerns and hesitations about our products so that we can alleviate them and put you on the fast track to better sales and increased efficiency.

The Most Reliable System On The Market

3 year warranty

Full 3-Year Replacement Warranty

PourMyBeer offers a full 3-year replacement warranty. We are confident in the reliability of our technology that we were the first provider on the market to offer this to customers, making PourMyBeer the true market leader. We want to do all we can to support our PourMyBeer family members!

RFID cards


Other companies utilize tablets running Android or iOS that are subject to random iOS updates that can happen at any time – like when you have a packed house wanting to use the tap wall! Our screens run on our own proprietary operating system, which is linux-based and highly stable. We have complete control over updates to the screens and schedule a time with you when you’re offline and not open for business.


A clean, closed-loop network that’s hardwired with ethernet instead of depending on Wi-Fi. Not being dependent on Wi-Fi is very important because you don’t have to worry about your whole self-pour system going down and losing money if the internet stops working! We engineered our system in 2015 to be hard-wired and reliable in every possible way, including not relying on Wi-Fi.

safety icon by PourMyBeer

Mini-edge network with built-in redundancies and fail-safes

Our screens aren’t just consumer-grade tablets. They’re purpose-built, industrial-grade screens that control and calculate right at the taps and send that information back to the server. If the server or any component goes down, no problem. The system still functions. Once again, PourMyBeer is the only system on the market with this kind of intelligent design that gives you incredible reliability.

A/C Powered

Our system runs on A/C power instead of D/C power like other self-pour tech providers’ systems do. This might not seem like much at first, but it’s a big deal.

A/C power carries through long runs of wiring. D/C doesn’t. So we can put our valves and flow meters as far as 50 feet away, while other self-pour tech providers can’t put their flow meters more than 3 feet away from the tap, which limits your tap wall and draft system design flexibility.

Connection icon

Minimal number of connection points

Our system is so streamlined and simple that it has less than half the number of connections that the products of other self-pour tech providers do. Fewer connection points mean fewer potential failure points. Nuff said.

Owner’s Experience With a Self-Pour System

After hearing from our awesome PourMyBeer family members, we have found some highlight benefits that they have seen from having our tech! PourMyBeer fam members recognize that managing operating costs is key. Self-serve technology has lowered the need for excess staff, which has greatly reduced operational costs while keeping their businesses running efficiently. They no longer need a bulky bar and hundreds of bottles, so establishments have found that they need a much smaller inventory while seeing a higher return since guests tend to sample many drinks from the wall, all while paying by the ounce. Check out one of our family member’s, The Crab House, experience with self-pour below!


They projected to lose $256,000
by year’s end.


Implement a 40 tap PourMyBeer self-pour system.


Ended up profiting $250,999, a $516,000 swing!

You can read The Crab House’s full story and many others of how self-pour helped improve operations by filling out the form below.

Fill out this form to download 8 case studies to read later!

Hop Thief Patrons pouring

What Do Others Say About Working With Us?

Learn why PourMyBeer is leading the self-pour revolution here or hear about the experience of owning the PourMyBeer system from our customers (which we call PourMyBeer fam members).

Tim Enarson
Tim Enarson
Owner of Navigator Taproom
Read More
"The PourMyBeer and Untappd integration makes it super easy to change a keg because it populates on the screen as well as on the PourMyBeer system. Every time we put a new beer on the screen, it blasts it out to 30,000 Untappd users here in Chicago and lets them know that we have a new beer on, and they come in just to taste. They use the check-in feature to tell the Untappd community what beers they have tried, so it has been a fantastic driver for sales."
Denzel Goolsby
Denzel Goolsby
Owner of Goolsby
Read More
"PourMyBeer has been an incredible partner to GOOLSBY's. Their Marketing Director, Tana, has been a HUGE asset to our operation - giving us on-going insight, recommendations, and tremendous feedback that we wouldn't otherwise be able to get from any other expert that travels the country like her. The rest of their team thas also displayed their high standard and great customer service."
The Alley YMM
Read More
"The PourMyBeer system is beautiful and well thought out, and the support that comes with it can’t be beat! The team might actually work 24/7 because I’ve never had to wait more than a few hours for a reply on a question or resource request. Thank you for being such an awesome partner."

Why Did I Switch From My Previous Self-pour Tech Provider?

We pride ourselves on being the only company on the market to never be replaced by another self-pour technology provider. Watch more videos on some of our latest retrofits of other self-pour tech here.


PourMyBeer technology comes with many features! These features will increase your efficiency and leave your operations running smooth. If you have any questions regarding PourMyBeer’s tech features, contact us here!

How it Works for Customers

Real time keg levels & text alerts

Our real-time keg level feature allows operators to see all their keg levels graphically displayed in their management dashboard and get alerts when kegs are low. This helps them and their team quickly react and ensures that the guests can continue having self-pour fun!

eg Management by PourMyBeer
keg level notification on phone

Happy Hour

The Happy Hour feature offers self-pour establishments the ability to trigger specials based on date & time, days of the week, or keg events like keg level or age. Schedule as many recurring or one-time Happy Hours specials as you like to easily plan your whole week of specials with just a few clicks.

PourMyBeer's Happy Hour Feature

You can configure two different Happy Hour discount tier options per product with either a flat rate or percentage-based discount. You can filter special discounts by product type (i.e. Beer, Wine, Cocktail, etc.) or by specific product/PLUs.

Promote your Happy Hour specials on screen with our standard default image or customize by uploading your own image for any special. You can display a single Happy Hour image across all tap screens with one click or choose specific images for different screens. You can add as many images as you like to your Happy Hour image library.


Our BKG reporting system, a play on words from an EKG (replace the E with a B for beverage), provides operators with insights into consumption patterns and pour data. This information allows you to get to know your customers on a deeper level and have a good idea of their wants and likes. Our reporting system will increase efficiencies, beverage sales, and overall profits. Since you know what your customers like, you will not be wasting money purchasing beverages that will not sell, and your beverage sales will increase because you have all their favorite drinks on tap.

PourMyBeer BKG dashboard example

Our BKG dives below surface level. POS systems provide the basic information on top-selling beverages, but we took it a step further to show detailed information about the products on tap. Some cool features include which beers, wines, and cocktails have the highest Keg Velocity, what percentage of the time the customer goes back for more, signaling that they liked the sample, and what percentage of your kegs are sold to one-time pours versus repeat pours, and so much more.

PourMyBeer BKG Product Profiles

Drivers License Scanning

PMB offers a convenient driver’s license scanning feature for easy on-screen age validation when creating beverage cards and collecting valuable anonymous consumer behavior data like age, gender, and zip code.

Guest’s Experience With a Self-Pour System

Self-pour technology is a great way to enhance the customer’s experience. In fact, they can pour as much as their heart desires. While many do not believe this is true, there is less room for error with self-pour technology. Customers pour as much or as little as they want, allowing them to try a variety of drinks. No waste. No free samples. At a traditional bar, guests end up paying for an entire drink even if they do not like it, while beverage walls allow customers to taste test until they find their favorite! A free sip will never be given out again, and customers can pour their own flights. This saves time and money for your establishment! 

Easy-to-use. Fast. Reliable. Built-in redundancies to prevent complete system failures.
And… No foam!

Looking for help when it comes to financing your self-pour establishment?

We have financing!

No money down, low monthly payments, quick approvals! One of our partners, North Star Leasing, is very experienced with providing financing to self-pour operators. Learn more below.


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