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The Possibilities

Perfect for nearly any venue.

Hotels & Casinos

Easy guest access

Improve guest experiences by letting them access Draft Beer and Kegged wine with their players card or Room Key.

You're lobby is a money-maker

Hotels can add incremental revenue to lobby areas, replace traditional bars during refurbs for a fraction of the cost, add stations for events and parties reducing wait times and increasing sales at the same time!

Perfect for casinos

Use our units on casino floors for guests and staff alike.

Additional information

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National Account / Regional Chain (Pay for our Units with GIFT CARDS – No Capital Outlay)

Wow your customers

On-premise chains can wow their patrons with new beer and wine choices available for them to pour themselves.

No more impatient customers

Stop having people leave if they have to wait to eat. Give them access to our Beer / Wine Walls and have them start spending their money as soon as they get there.

Add to your beer lineup

Freshen up your concept and drive a beer drinking demographic through your doors. Customers are looking for more choice, and our mobile tables and walls allow more craft and import choices that don't take away from your traditional lineup!

In-depth reporting

Our Reporting capabilities will give you a window into your business like never before available.

Independent Bar / Restaurant (New Construction)

Intelligent design

New construction allows for us to help plan your project with you. With over 200 installations in the past 3 years, we've learned a few things. You can run beer lines through walls, floors and ceilings before close up and we'll help with the design.

Anything you want, we can do it

Whether you want a few VIP Table Taps, a Beer Wall, or multiple Beer Walls strategically placed, we are the go-to company.

Serious profit-driving

Built-in beer walls drive the fastest ROI and the greatest beer volumes of all our offerings, so if you are planning a new building be sure to make room for this profit driver!

Know your customers

We'll also inform you about your customers in the process.

Best product fit: Built-in Beer Walls & Built-in Tables

Independent Bar / Restaurant (Pre-existing)

More choice

You can add more beer and wine choices with a very unique delivery vehicle that drives traffic and repeat business with our mobile choices.

Every drop is paid for

Our systems will eliminate waste and spillage (20-30% of your kegs) and allow you to profit from every ounce in your kegs.

Up and running in a snap!

We can have any of our mobile systems installed and your staff trained in less than a few hours - Game changer!

Fast Casual (Pay for our Units with GIFT CARDS – No Capital Outlay)

Increased average check size

We can increase your average check size by 50-100%. Thinking of adding a beer/wine license or do you already have one?

Fully integrated

We can integrate with your POS system, adding a unique code to their check receipt that they enter to redeem their beer, wine or pre-mixed cocktail of their choice.

No more waiting in line

No standing in line for your customers to add a second drink since you can pre-authorize up to two drinks per client on the initial transaction.

One simple solution

Check ring increase solved and customers satisfied!

Cruise Lines

Put your guests at ease

Cruises should be about total relaxation, not standing in line and signing receipts!

Designed for elevators

Our 24" Wireless Unit was designed and built for cruise ship elevators.

Extremely mobile

The Self-Serve Beer / Wine / Mixed Drink units are on wheels, and can be stacked next to each other to create a larger footprint – or spaced out so they blend in.

Direct communication

Our technology is set up to communicate directly to the ships database and charge customers for exactly what they dispense.

Pre-set guest packages

Guests can also buy pre-set packages prior to boarding.

Best product fit: 24" Double Draw Unit

Venues & Stadiums

No more concession stand lines

Short game breaks or performance interludes means long lines at concession areas. Not with a PourMyBeer system!

Happier sports fans

With staff doing many tasks other than pouring beer, guests are waiting for service that they could have easily taken care of themselves, making them unhappy. Meanwhile, the concessionaire is losing sales.

Take advantage of large crowds

We specialize in maximizing large crowd sales opportunities while you have them in the building.

Maximize sales

Partnering with us will ensure that you maximize sales, minimize waste, and that your guests are happy and well-served. Its okay to be self-serving with PourMyBeer.

Bowling & Golf

Bowling bar trends

Not your grandfathers bowling alley anymore. Bowling Bars are popping up all over the place and self-serve beer taps at the lanes and in the walls are being built into the plans.

Perfect for country clubs

Our Country Club application allows you to bill customers monthly and add it to their member dues based off of exactly what they have poured with their member numbers.

No wait, more games

Instead of taking 5-10 minutes to get another round of drinks, let your bowlers keep enjoying themselves and let them pour their own beer at their lane or at a filling station nearby.

Beer and a birdie

Public Courses and Resorts are benefiting from this technology already.

Driving range bars

The latest trend is also lending itself to Driving Ranges with Bars and Bars with Driving ranges. There couldn't be a better marriage of our products with their concepts to drive fun and, more importantly, sales through our taps.

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Interested in other ways you can use self-serve beer systems at your golf course? Click here

Other Possibilities Is your venue not listed? Let's talk.

Large-scale purchases

Want to purchase our equipment on a larger scale but can't get Cap Ex approved? Ask us how we can do this with no capital outlay! We are the only company in the self-serve space that can offer this unique service. Learn how we can help

Drive deals, make sales

We also have a back-end support service, again only available at PourMyBeer, where we can drive deals to push through sales volume on our units and increase your food sales!
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Simple. Fun. Effective. Drives Business.

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