Integration with Toast POS

What is the Toast and PourMyBeer Integration all about?

PourMyBeer’s self-serve beverage technology is designed to get your patrons from “door to pour” in under 60 seconds.

The Toast & PourMyBeer integration ensures that everything the customer pours is sent to the Toast tab.

If your customers need to leave in a hurry, they don’t even have to close their tab as it can be done without the customer being present.

For the owners, this completely changes the economics by dramatically increasing sales and decreasing costs.

Customers wait less and buy more, every ounce is accounted for and less staff are required. For patrons, the PourMyBeer system creates interactive, experiential magic allowing them to serve their own beverages by the ounce.  

PourMyBeer and Toast Check In Station at District Brew Yards, Chicago


  • Increased speed of service (customers pour for themselves)
  • Patrons can use their PourMyBeer card to have fun pouring and sampling anything on tap – craft beer, wine, kombucha, cider, soda, cocktails, saki, and even cold brew coffee without the establishment giving away free samples
  • No one has to wait for busy wait staff or swamped bartenders, which increases beverage sales, especially during peak times

How does it work?

1. Swipe a credit card and open a Toast tab 
2. Link a PourMyBeer card to the appropriate customer’s tab
3. At the beverage wall, customers pour by the ounce using their PourMyBeer card
4. All of the pour data from the beverage wall goes onto their Toast tab in real-time until they are ready to leave
5. Lastly, customers can get an itemized receipt from Toast, summarizing everything they poured

The integration results in increased speed and ease of use by sending data of what customers pour directly and instantly onto their open check, as they enjoy the beverage wall.

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