Why PourMyBeer

The #1 Choice

Why has PourMyBeer been chosen by more major brands than all other self-pour providers combined? We’re glad you asked! 

Why should we choose PourMyBeer? What makes you different from the rest?

We get asked that pretty frequently, so let’s dive into the answer.

Most comparisons can typically be broken down into a few categories: total cost of ownership, reliability, technology/design (this goes hand in hand with reliability), support, company size & experience, and integrations/compatibility.  These are the main criteria we’ve seen on most of the Request For Proposals (RFP’s) that we’ve responded to. And did we mention that we’ve never lost an RFP? Yep, that’s right, batting 1000 here. Every time buyers do their due diligence and deep dive into our tech, our team, our service – and compare with all other providers – they choose us.  Every time. Not too shabby a record, and we intend to keep it that way.

We’re also the only company who’s never had one of our systems replaced by a competitor, but we’ve replaced 12 competitor systems just in the last year.  These were systems that continued to fail and not be supported, so that the restaurant/bar owner was, unfortunately, willing to pay again for a whole new system from us just to make the pain go away.  

Let’s Get Into Some of the Details:

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Do you want an equity partner in your business taking $0.01/ounce of beer and $0.03/ounce of wine that you sell through your self-pour system?

We didn’t think so. But that’s exactly what our competitors do, their monthly support is priced this way and it really adds up, taking a bite out of your profits.  At typical beer and wine sale prices that’s at least 4% of your profits.

Best Engineered & Designed System

The PourMyBeer system has been engineered to improve upon all self-pour systems on the market today. And we did.  

We created a hub and spokes network system design, essentially a mini edge network.  This ingenious design means each screen is doing calculations of each pour in real-time on it’s own.  So even if your main computer server goes down, or the screens lose connection to it somehow, the screens will still function.  This design also means no latency, it’s blazing fast for your customers. No consumer grade tablets that break, as we mentioned above, and also our system runs on our own Linux-based software, no surprise updates to screens while you have a packed house. Manufactured in Austria, where precision engineering and beer are passions.

Company Size and Experience

PourMyBeer has installed over 150 systems in the last 24 months.  5,861 taps. That’s more than any other provider.

With a full time team of 10 and growing, our US-based company will be there for you when you need it.  From a smooth install, to training, all the way to if you call for support. We have 4 project managers and 2 full time support experts.  When you’re shopping other providers, be sure to ask them how many employees they have and where they’re located. See our team here.

Open API

At PourMyBeer our philosophy is that it’s better to be able to integrate with other systems rather than try to recreate everything ourselves.  That’s why share our API.

This allows us to integrate with critical restaurant operation systems.

Cards, Wristbands, Key Fob RFIDs

PourMyBeer is the only system on the market that let’s you choose the type of RFID you want – either secure/encrypted RFID cards with memory, or wristbands and key fob RFIDs.


We highly recommend using the secure/encrypted cards, for a variety of reasons we’ll be happy to tell you about, but if you would like to use wristbands or key fobs or any other shape of RFID that is absolutely no problem, easy peasey!

Most Reliable System

The PourMyBeer system is hands-down the most reliable on the market.  This means you won’t lose revenue and customers due to down-time.

Here’s why: Purpose-built industrial-grade screens, not consumer grade tables.  Our competitor’s screens have batteries in them and aren’t meant to be plugged-in and on 24/7. Over time the batteries swell and break the screens, rendering them useless.  Our screens don’t have batteries and are designed to be up and running 24/7. (Note: while our screens don’t have batteries, we do install uninterruptible power supplies (UPS’s) for our whole system, to keep you running should your power go out.)  Also, there is no dependence on Wifi. Because we don’t use consumer-grade tablets, we don’t need wifi.  If your Wifi goes down, our system is still going strong, hardwired with CAT5 ethernet cables.

Best Support

Our system is so well-engineered and reliable that we get very few support calls.  We have close to 250 customers and receive less than 5 calls a week.

But if you do need support, we’re there for you.  We have dedicated support staff and a team of 4 project managers, all of whom are ready to assist. Our team is spread across the country for ease of access – West Coast, Central, and East Coast. Compare this to our competitors.  One, based in Georgia, has a company size of 2 people –  reselling, installing, and supporting everything – guess what happens when you call for support and they’re on an install or sales presentation?  Our other competitor, based in California, is bigger but has such an unreliable system that their team is no doubt swamped with trouble tickets.

No Foamy Beer!

A critical difference between the PourMyBeer system and all of our competitors is that we run on A/C power.  

This lets us mount the flowmeter in each beer line far from the tap, inside the walk-in cooler. This allows the beer to settle after going through the flowmeter, and thus giving a smooth pour without being super foamy.  Our competitors systems operate on D/C power, so the flow meter needs to be very close to the tap, less than 3 feet, near where the power source is in the tap wall.  Having the flowmeter this close to the tap creates turbulence in the beer line and foam.

6 Questions You Should Ask Your Provider:

  • Can you provide a list of all the installations you’ve done in the last 24 months?
  • How much will I pay for your support every month if: (a) I have 40 taps and plan to sell 60 kegs (119,040 ounces) of beer in a month? And (b) if 20% of that is wine, will that impact my costs for your monthly?
  • For support purposes, how many full-time employees do you have in the
    U.S. and where are they located?
  • Have you ever had a competitor remove and replace your system with their system?
  • Did/Do you use consumer-grade tablets for screens? How many do you
    have in the market?
  • Have you won any request for proposals (RFPs) with large companies?

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