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Wine Dispenser Systems

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Think PourMyBeer is just for beer drinkers? Think again! Our products are ideal for wine bars, special events and any other venue where alcohol is served. With our wine dispensing systems, your guests can ensure a full pour of their favorite vintage. They’ll also enjoy the convenience of serving themselves, while your staff is free to attend to their other needs.

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A New Way to Enjoy Wine

A glass of wine is an ideal complement to a nice meal. However, for a lot of diners, the pomp and circumstance that goes with choosing a bottle can be a little intimidating — not to mention expensive. With a wine dispensing system, your guests can enjoy wine by the glass, giving them the chance to try new things without feeling embarrassed that they don’t know much about the bottles. The process is easy and encourages people to step outside their comfort zone in a fun way.

Dispense Your Way to a Better Bottom Line

PourMyBeer wine dispensing systems aren’t just good for your guests. They’re also active profit-generating tools that will quickly deliver a return on your investment. Here’s how:

  • Diners are attracted to the novelty and convenience of pouring their own wine and beer, making your establishment more memorable and more likely to attract repeat business.
  • Servers spend less time pouring and uncorking wine bottles, making them more productive and keeping your staffing costs lower overall.
  • Waste and overpouring is eliminated, lowering your costs by as much as 23%.

How It Works

When diners enter your establishment, your staff verifies their ID and issues them an RFID card they can preload with cash, or run a tab for. To dispense wine, all a customer has to do is place the card in the slot and pour their own. Each time, the system reminds them how much they’ve spent and alerts them when funds are running low, encouraging more responsible consumption. At the end of the night, they simply return the card and collect their receipt.

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