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Wine on Tap

Fixed Wall Tap

PourMyBeer recognized a problem with the behind-the-bar tap system for beer and created a solution that resulted in higher profit margins for restaurants and happier customers with our self-service beer tap system.

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As our popularity grew, we realized that wine drinkers were being left out of this convenient and innovative alcohol delivery model. That’s why we created our wine on tap system, and our customers have been loving the results ever since!

How It Works

Rather than trying to pick an appropriate and delicious wine based on an arbitrary description in the menu or suggestions from your staff that may fall short for your customers, our wine on tap system allows your guests to taste-test their wine choices before committing to an entire glass.

More importantly, though, it allows you to keep your waste costs down, as our machines keep track of each drop poured — whether your guests are tasting each wine or filling their glass with the same choice each time they head up to the self-service wine bar.

We do this using RFID cards, which will be given by your servers or bartenders upon ordering. These cards can be preloaded with a certain amount of money to avoid overspending or they can be run the same way a traditional bar tab would, by keeping track of each drink along the way. Once your customer receives their RFID card, they will have access to try any wine on tap at your restaurant to discover their favorite.

Loved by Customers and Owners

Not only do customers love having the freedom to try any wine on tap before they commit to a glass, but they also love the ability to refill their glass as soon as they’re ready, without having to wait on their server or bartender. You’ll love this freedom too, as it will allow your staff to focus their energies on providing a welcoming and entertaining experience for your guests rather than constantly running from table to table refilling beverages, dropping off food and never stopping to make sure the guests are enjoying themselves.

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Now that you know how easy, convenient and profitable putting your wine on tap can be, request your free quote today to get the process started!

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