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Wine Pouring System

Wine Pouring System

The newest addition to the PourMyBeer family has greatly improved the outdated and inconvenient wine pouring system by putting the control in your customer's hands and increasing the profit in yours. This is done by taking your staff out of the wine pouring system equation, thus eliminating human error — including over-pours, spilled glasses and broken bottles.

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It may even increase the amount of wine sold, since, without having to wait for their servers to refill their glasses, customers may be more inclined to indulge in a second or third glass.

Avoid Human Error

Thanks to the RFID cards your customers will receive from their server or bartender upon ordering a glass of wine, they will have the freedom to taste any wine you have available before making their final decision.

To use the wine tap, all they have to do is insert their RFID card into the machine and pull the handle. The machine will keep track of each and every drop of wine poured and will load that information onto the RFID card so that, at the end of the night, the customer is responsible for paying for all of the wine they poured. This eliminates human error by making sure your customers pay for what they get — not a drop more or an ounce less.

Increase Wine Sales

Eliminating the amount of time a customer has to wait between deciding they’d like more wine and actually receiving that wine is the easiest way to increase your wine sales. Every customer is different — some will decide they want more wine before their glass is half-finished, others as they’re taking the last sip, and others still who won’t decide until ten minutes after they’ve finished their glass.

No matter how good your serving staff is, because of this discrepancy in personal preferences, there will always be lost opportunities to sell another glass of wine when your guests have to wait for their server or bartender to get them another drink. The PourMyBeer self-service wine pouring system cancels this waiting period by allowing your guests to refill their own glasses whenever it’s most convenient for them.

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