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Wine Tap Systems

Wine Tap Systems

PourMyBeer may have started with a focus on self-service beer taps, but we’ve become so much more than that. We’ve expanded our focus to include a wine tap system that will allow your guests to taste any wine you have available in-house, without any profit loss risk on your end. We see it as the ultimate win-win in alcohol consumption!

See how it works

Here’s How It Works

When a customer decides to partake in a glass of wine or two, they will be carded by a bartender or server to ensure they are of legal drinking age. Once this has been confirmed, the staff member will hand them their very own RFID card, which can either be preloaded with a specific amount of funds or kept and run as a traditional bar tab would be.

With the RFID card in hand, your customer now has the ability to head on up to the wine tap system and pour any wine they’d like.

The Customer Advantage

Even avid wine drinkers are occasionally stumped by the question, “Which wine would you like tonight?” Thanks to the PourMyBeer wine tap system, this never has to be a problem in your establishment. When you install our system, you give your customers the freedom to taste test any of your available wines before they commit to a full glass.

Say goodbye to ever having to comp a glass of wine again just because your customer was unsatisfied with its flavor!

The Company Advantage

Having to comp an unsatisfactory glass of wine is a pain and it can add up, but it’s not the number one culprit in your declining bar profits. The biggest waste of money coming from your bar is actually due to the increasingly prevalent problem of the over-pour. Getting just the right amount of wine in the glass every single time so your margins stay consistent is nearly impossible, which is why you likely already account in your budget for slight over-pours by your bartenders and servers.

But with the PourMyBeer wine tap system, this problem vanishes entirely. Every drop of wine poured by your customers is tracked by our machines and charged directly to their RFID card.

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