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Exclusive Offer for Best Western Hotels:

Transform Your Hotel's Beverage Program with PourMyBeer!

Transform Your Hotel's Beverage Program with PourMyBeer!

Unlock 5% Discount on PourMyBeer’s Self-Pour Technology for Your Hotel

As a Best Western member, you have access to exclusive purchasing opportunities, and we're thrilled to offer you a special discount on PourMyBeer's innovative self-serve beverage dispensing technology. Elevate your hotel's beverage program with PourMyBeer's efficient solutions that streamline operations, enhance the guest experience, and alleviate staffing challenges. Unlock your exclusive offer now!

Key Benefits of PourMyBeer

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Alleviate Staffing Challenges

Operate an efficient beverage program without taking on additional staff.

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Achieve Profitability in 12 Months

Improve profitability by keeping guests on-premises longer.

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Enhanced Guest Experience

Increase guest satisfaction and loyalty by providing a reliable beverage program.


Efficient Check-In Process

Easy activation by front desk staff with a card-based beverage system.


Trusted By Top Hotel Brands

Multiple hotels are now seeing increased revenue from having self-pour in the lobby.


Reliable Beverage Service 24/7/365

Provide a reliable and successful beverage program with world-class engineering.

Beverage Dispensing Solutions


Self-Pour Station

Transform underutilized space in your hotel to a profit-making machine! These semi-mobile, plug-and-play units need no construction and can fit into any space in your hotel. Equipped with castors, these stations can be moved around your hotel to accommodate various events or guest needs. Select from a 4-tap, 6-tap, or 8-tap station.


Customizable Built-In Wall

Engage your guests with a self-pour beverage wall customized to your hotel's aesthetic. This setup can enhance any lobby, lounge, or bar area, providing an innovative and integrated guest experience.


Tap Trailer

Bring the excitement of self-pour to any part of your hotel with our Tap Trailer! Perfect for outdoor gatherings, poolside service, or special events. Transport this fully mobile trailer easily and utilize the interchangeable advertising panels for 360-degree marketing. Promote upcoming events, hotel services, or specific beverage brands right on the trailer!

What They Say?

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