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Personalize Your Beverage Program With Self-Pour

Feature a PourMyBeer self-pour beverage system in your club to improve member experience and retention.


Reduce Labor Costs & Improve Efficiency


Enhance Member Experience


Bring in a New Revenue Stream

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Stand out from the crowd with a unique, high-tech self-pour beverage program

PourMyBeer’s system provides a revolutionary way for golf courses and country clubs to serve guests beer, wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic offerings. With any of our self-pour setups, your members can pour and pay for their own drinks by utilizing the scan-to-pour QR code functionality or RFID-enabled cards and FOBs. These secure payment options ensure every guest pays for what they pour, so your club can say goodbye to the days of “forgotten tabs” and over-pours.

PourMyBeer's technology tracks every ounce poured through the system, eliminating theft, waste, and member disputes. With this valuable data, you will gain access to consumption patterns and member preferences. You can easily keep track of inventory levels and get alerts sent to your staff when products are low.

Additionally, our system will help you reduce waste and increase revenue by allowing you to offer a wider variety of drinks and better track inventory. With our various liquid-agnostic beverage dispensing solutions, you will keep a close eye on your inventory, ensuring that you’re never overstocked or running low on your most popular beverages.

Beverage Dispensing Solutions to Meet Your Club’s Needs

Fixed Wall

Optimize your space by 10% while capturing the attention of your members with a traditional self-pour beverage wall customized for your club for a more integrated experience.

Self-Pour Station

Choose between a 4-tap, 6-tap, or 8-tap station. These semi-mobile, plug-and-play units require zero construction and fit into any space. These units come with castors, meaning you can move the station short distances around your club.

2-Tap Mini Self-Pour Station

This compact, space-saving unit features two taps, making it ideal for smaller areas like pickleball and paddle huts, poolside bars, and clubhouse patios. Its portability and ease of installation allow you to offer convenient, self-serve beverage options anywhere in your club.

Tap Trailer

Bring the self-pour fun to any part of your club with our trailer! This option is great to use during events, concerts, banquets, and more, as a way to efficiently serve guests during peak times.

Achieve Profitability in 6 Months!

Hear from the Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Seabrook Island Club to learn how adding a 12-tap fixed wall and an 8-tap self-pour station increased member satisfaction and alleviated labor challenges.

Key Benefits of Choosing PourMyBeer

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Alleviate Staffing Challenges

Operate an efficient beverage program without taking on additional staff.

Secure Payment Options

Scan-to-pour QR code functionality or RFID-enabled cards and FOBs ensure every guest pays for what they pour.

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Increase Your Revenue

Increase beverage sales since members and guests can serve themselves more easily and quickly.

Major POS Integrations

PourMyBeer offers various liquid-agnostic beverage dispensing solutions that integrate with the major point-of-sale systems, such as PaceSetter, to fit your golf course or country club's needs.

Simplify Inventory & Reduce Waste

Access valuable data and analytics on customer preferences and consumption patterns.

Ease of Maintenance

System designed for easy maintenance so you can keep your beverage program running smoothly.

Trusted By Major Brands

These companies experience the benefits of our self-pour technology.

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What They Say?

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2023 Self-Pour Impact Report

Quantifiable insights from our ecosystem of 500+ operators. Download the report to unlock key data and statistics!

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300 Brookside Ave
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