Self-Pour in Breweries, Wineries, and Roasteries

Self-Pour in Breweries, Wineries, and Roasteries

When visiting a brewery, winery, or roastery, it’s the appreciation of the craft that makes customers happy and keeps them coming back. With that in mind, there’s no better way to offer a tasting experience than self-pour technology! 

With self-pour, you can give your patrons the ability to sample and drink all the craft beverages you offer, in the exact quantities they want! Whether it’s beer, wine, or coffee, customers can pour as much or as little as they want, allowing them to taste all the different types offered. And thanks to PourMyBeer’s revolutionary technology, the system accounts for every ounce poured, allowing you to generate maximum profits from your beverage program. 


 Check out the video below to hear from Eric Barrett, Co-Owner of Bunnyman Brewing, to hear why he’s happy they made the right choice with self-pour!

The Perfect Companion to Any Craft Venue

One of the best companions to any brewery, winery, or roastery is a tasting taproom or bar. It’s the perfect way to allow customers to try the best creations made right next to them and fully appreciate your awesome craft. But, they often have some limitations when it comes to size, and occasionally the type of drink offered, as charging for flights brings challenges for pricing structure. Now, what if you could put the control completely in the customer’s hands and have them pour whenever they want in any quantity they want? 

With the power of self-pour technology, that’s precisely what you’re able to do. You set up a beverage wall with all of your best craft beverages on tap, and customers can walk around and learn more about them from PourMyBeer’s interactive touch screens. Whenever they are ready, guests pour as much or as little of those that piqued their interest.

Once customers find their favorite, it’s easier than ever to pour themselves a full glass. And the best part? There’s no waiting for a busy server or standing in crowded areas to order, which means customers stay happy, and you don’t lose anything in opportunity costs!

Benefits Too Good to Ignore

4x more efficient than any other method of dispense

Increase overall net profits by 45% or more

Restaurants and bars lose 23% of inventory to waste. Self-pour waste is less than 3%

Floor plan layout with pencil

With a self-service bar, you increase usable space by 10%

Icon of three people in a line with the first one highlighted

Reduce staff by 20% to help during labor crisis

As a craft venue owner, a self-pour beverage system brings you many benefits

Reduced Cost: Since the customer is in control of their drinks, you will save on wage expenditure as you don’t need as much staff. And, self-pour technology tracks every ounce poured so no more losing out on profits due to over-pouring or spillage.

Service Efficiency: With customers acting as their own bartender, they can approach the wall when they need a refill. Meaning, your staff can focus their attention and efforts elsewhere, enhancing the overall customer experience

Waste Reduction: Self-pour accounts for every ounce poured, meaning customers won’t want to waste what they pour. Since customers can pour as much or as little as they want, no more free samples are necessary. Also, with self-pour technology, tabs will never be unpaid as the POS is automated, eliminating human error. 

Consistent and Quality Taste: Kegs are vacuum-sealed to keep beverages as fresh as possible. Once kegs have been opened, they’ll remain fresh for weeks and maintain the same quality taste from day 1.

Easier Inventory: The use of kegs eliminates the need for bottles. Now you’ll only need a few kegs in your inventory. 

PourMyBeer beverage wall

However, self-pour technology doesn’t just bring benefits to the owners. Customers love the efficiency and fun of self-pour!

PourMyBeer wall for ATB Brewery

More Convenient: Customers have the freedom to pour whenever they want with self-serve technology so they never have to wait to get the attention of a bartender or server again!

Cost Efficiency: At a traditional bar or tasting room, customers can have a couple of free samples and then must pay for a full glass. With self-pour, customers can drink less than a glass at a time, meaning they can try a variety of drinks at the same price as at a regular bar. 

Cold and Consistent: Kegged drinks provide fresh, cold drinks every time. Customers will get the same great taste from the first pour to the last. 

Sampling is Easy: The pay-by-ounce model appeals to many customers. They can sample as many beverages as they want in smaller amounts – giving them the option to taste drinks they would normally never be able to taste. 

Fun: And let’s not forget the best part, self-pour gives customers a unique and fun experience! Customers love interacting with each other, comparing their favorite craft beverages, and engaging on social media. It’s a concept like no other! 


List of Top Breweries, Wineries, and Roasteries

Many of our PourMyBeer family members are taking advantage of the benefits listed above in their venues! Here is a list of some of the top-performing PourMyBeer self-pour breweries, wineries, and roasteries in the US. Which one do you plan on visiting first?

District Brew Yards

Chicago, Illinois

COVA Brewing

Norfolk, Virginia

Bunnyman Brewing

Fairfax, Virginia

Reserve Artisan Ales

Galesburg, Illinois

Mad Paddle Brewery

Madison, Indiana

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