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Our team is grateful to be working with some of the most innovative bars, restaurants, casinos, and others in 30 countries around the world. They did their due diligence and needed a partner they could depend on, and that is why they chose us.

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Josh Goodman

Founder & CEO

Where it all began

The Timeline

How It All Began

Josh Goodman met up with some friends at a packed neighborhood bar in Federal Hill to have a few drinks before an Orioles game. While his friends were busy complaining about how bad the service was, Josh began to formulate a solution. That evening, 150 thirsty patrons battled to get the attention of one of the four bartenders to place their orders and get drinks. However, for those who were even lucky enough to grab a bartender's attention, they still had to wait for the bartender to open a tab, swipe their credit card, enter the sale, pour the beer, wine, or cocktail, process the sale, and close the tab.

Couldn't Get A Drink

This inefficient bottleneck wasn’t just a problem for the thirsty bar patrons but also the owners losing out on sales. This is where the idea was born. Josh realized that he could streamline this process and develop a system mirroring an ATM for beer, wine, and cocktails.

Finding A Solution

The first stop on Josh’s journey was a small bar in Atlanta. Immediately struck by their self-service beer taps, Josh struck a deal to resell that system in Maryland and the surrounding states. Armed with a new LLC known as “Innovative Tap Solutions,” Josh went 0 for 150 in attempting to sell this beer-taps-at-the-table concept.

Finding A Partner

Through his trials and tribulations, Josh realized he needed a manufacturing partner. When Josh heard about an Irish company looking to sell its own mobile draft tables in the U.S., it seemed like he had found the perfect fit. From 2010 to 2012, he helped them grow that company by 500% before the Company in Ireland's debts sunk that ship.

PourMyBeer is Born

After realizing the team he'd built in the U.S. for the Irish Company no longer had jobs, he and his business partner at the time started PourMyBeer. They were reselling a variety of self-pour systems from around the globe. By the middle of 2014, he was down to a company of 1 with over $100,000 in debt and less than $5,000 in the checking account. He needed a plan and, more importantly, a product that was his.

Finding the Right Partner

Josh invested the remainder of his savings in an Austrian company to build him their own self-pour technology. The premise was that it had to be so simple that his 6-year-old could install and support it. They succeeded and the product took off. 


Evolution of the magic box

Game-Changing Tech

PourMyBeer's technology would be the first-ever, purpose-built hardwired solution designed to take the beating that restaurant equipment takes.

First Screen Sold in 2015

Josh flew to Austria to see the working prototype in March of 2015. The first batch of 50 “Magic Boxes” got delivered to the US in May.

The Revolution Continues

Since then, another 3,000 screens have been installed worldwide, with Caesars Entertainment, Whole Foods, and Buffalo Wild Wings utilizing our tech.

The Future is Bright

Having big-name customers validates that the market benefits from having a better way to consume all beverages, not just beer, wine, and cocktails.

What is

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all about?

The future of self-Pour

Network with One Goal - User Experience

The future is bright for PourMyBeer. Whether it be our suppliers, customers, partners, investors, or employees, every stakeholder that interacts with our company is laser-focused on providing a great user experience.

POS Integrations

We’re also excited to announce that we have successfully achieved end-to-end integrations with 10 industry-leading POS companies. Not only does this allow a customer’s pour data to be sent to the POS, and then automatically to their respective tab, but it also enables existing POS to manage staff, sales, back of the house, and everything else that comes with a full-service POS system. Please see our integrations page to learn more!

The Self-Pour Revolution is Here to Stay

We now have 500+ locations with 12,000 taps in service worldwide. We are liquid agnostic, so our customers have the freedom to dispense beer, wine, cocktails, kombucha, and so much more. We cannot wait to watch the self-pour revolution continue to grow!

We want to connect!

The PourMyBeer team is a chatty group. Please reach out to us with any questions regarding self-pour tech. We look forward to earning your business and thank you for taking the time to learn a little about ours.

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PourMyBeer logo with a black background


300 Brookside Ave
Building 20, Suite 100
Ambler, PA 19002


300 Brookside Ave
Building 20, Suite 100
Ambler, PA 19002

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300 Brookside Ave
Building 20, Suite 100
Ambler, PA 19002

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