Operators' Testimonials

Operators' Testimonials

Here's what PourMyBeer family members have to say about their experience using our technology and interacting with our team!

Jim Wright Stanley Beer Hall

The addition of self-pour technology saved our business. Our location had a VERY short window to capture sales each evening. The neighborhood where we operate is very family-oriented and therefore parents had a limited time to enjoy a restaurant experience. Our guests can now enter and have their first beverage in their hands within a couple of minutes. With time to have a second cocktail versus one and done, our sales have increased dramatically just due to this one aspect although there are many additional benefits to the addition of the PourMyBeer self-tap system.

Jim Wright    Director of Operations at Stanley Beer Hall​

Stanley Beer Hall in Aurora, CO, features two self-pour beverage walls – one inside and one outside. With 57 taps, they offer a variety of beers, wines, cocktails, and more, on tap. To learn more about this spot, check out their website here.
Owner of Decent People Brewing

Solid, fun, and knowledgeable team. The self-pour concept speaks for itself but these guys have a “think forward” model with technology and I could tell they were someone we wanted to be involved with. They’re always looking for ways to integrate and improve the overall operation of the system. Big fans of our tap wall!

Eric Langhorst     Owner of Decent People Taproom

Decent People Taproom in Suffolk, VA, has 44 craft beers, ciders, and wine on self-pour taps. This cool spot is locally owned and offers all the typical bar food you could imagine. To learn more about the spot, check out this video or visit their website
Matthew Strickland Gourmeltz

The PourMyBeer system is excellent! It literally pours a perfect beer every time. I have it in my restaurant, Gourmeltz, and it’ll be a staple in every one of our restaurants. If you ever have a question about the system, the staff is always a phone call away, and very helpful. Even on a Saturday evening!

Matthew & Maria Strickland     Owners of Gourmeltz

Gourmeltz, located in Fredricksburg, VA, is a ’90s themed Veteran-owned grilled cheese spot. They have 15 taps of beer and cider, and you can’t go wrong with any of their “meltz.” Check out the awesome spot in this video or visit their website.
Samantha Rincione

I don’t even know where to start with how impressed we are with PourMyBeer. We run a company with many units and any issue that has ever come up, big, small, silly, etc., has been handled within 10 minutes. Josh, the CEO, assured me if we went with his system, we would not be disappointed. I stressed we had many franchisees and that customer service was the most important service we needed with these systems. Josh personally promised he’d have my and my franchisees backs. Many stores later here, we are crushing it together… Great company with impeccable service!

Samantha Rincione     Owner of Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ

Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ is a franchise group with several self-pour locations. While each has a different number of self-pour taps, you are always guaranteed to find a beverage you like and some delicious BBQ. Check out their website here, and be sure to visit one of their self-pour locations!
Austin Winery Empowered by PourMyBeer Technology

PourMyBeer is the king of self-pour technology! They have been working with me since the beginning of my journey trying to open my self-pour winery. We began our relationship by trying to legalize self-pour technology in Texas, and with their support, it finally happened! My assigned sales rep, Oliver Dunn, did everything in his power to make sure we were on the right track toward creating a unique and effective concept and brought forth outstanding ideas for my business. Oliver and his team went above and beyond in ensuring that this was to be an investment I would be happy with and proud of! The team has been very welcoming, professional, easy-going, and supportive! The install was smooth and easy, and the technology itself is user-friendly, with constant beneficial updates that address any concerns accounts or end users are having. These guys are the real deal!

Sammy Lam     Owner of Wanderlust Winery

Wanderlust Winery now has two locations in Austin, Texas. One location has 56 wines on tap, and the other has 64. Wanderlust Winery Co. has teamed up with The Heel of the Boot to offer their customers some true southern Italian food to complement the wine. For more information, visit their website.
John Felico Headshot

I’ve been in the restaurant business all my life and it’s rare that you find a new technology that can reduce labor cost and reduce waste while at the same time creating an “experience” for the customer. PourMyBeer technology does all of that and more. In my opinion, this technology will change the restaurant industry.

John Felico     Owner of Auggie's Draft Room

Auggie’s Draft Room is a family-owned, family-friendly sports bar  located in the heart of downtown Saint Augustine, Florida. With 24 self-serve taps, TVs, and delicious burgers, Auggie’s is the perfect spot to watch the game or enjoy a cold one! For more information, visit their website.

Source: Google Reviews

Two people smiling inside a restaurant as they use self-pour beer taps
PourMyBeer Beverage Wall Ambassador Sampling
Brian Rummer

The PourMyBeer team is a great company to work with, and they have the best technology and equipment. The service level adds to the experience. Our customers love the ability to taste and pour on their own. I would highly recommend this company to any entrepreneurs looking at the options currently available!

Brian Rummer     Owner of Barlow's Public House

Located in Vancouver, WA, Barlow’s Pubic House is on the beautiful Columbia River. While enjoying the amazing view, you can sip on local beers and ciders. If you want a taste of delicious food and local craft brews, Barlow’s is the place for you! Watch this video, or check out their website to learn more!
Byron Hetherton

Best self-pour company out there and we’ve tried them all! Equipment is high quality, customer service is excellent, and the overall experience has been amazing! Well done Josh and Team. You guys are doing it the RIGHT way!

Byron Hetherton     Co-Owner of The Commons

The Commons is a social empourium! (An establishment that specializes in selling a wide variety of beers and wine) Located in Chico, CA, the Commons offers 28 beverages on tap and is known for its pizza. Check out their website to learn more!
Josue Matos, PourMyBeer

The only self-pour company I’ll ever work with!! Operate two restaurants in PA with 38 taps and haven’t had any major issues whatsoever. Josh Goodman and the rest of the PourMyBeer fam are also awesome people!

Josue Matos     Owner of Beer Wall On Penn & Beer Wall On Prince

Beer Wall on Penn, West Reading, PA, and Beer Wall on Prince, Lancaster, PA are two very cool spots. Both offer 38 beverages on tap and have a gastropub menu. Be sure to check out their website and visit them!
PourMyBeer at navigator taproom

PourMyBeer enabled us to open a taproom with world-class cutting edge technology to bring a new way to enjoy beer, wine, cider, kombucha, sake, coffee, or any liquid to Chicagoans. Couldn’t be a better company to work with!

Tim Enarson     Owner of Navigator Taproom

Navigator Taproom in Chicago, IL, offers 48 taps of beer, wine & cider. You can bring-your-own-food, or get food delivery from around the Logan Square area. To learn more about Navigator Taproom, check out this video and visit their website!
Rich Moyer

We retrofitted all three of our taprooms to PourMyBeer and had an amazing experience with their entire team. We have had the system for almost 4 months and have minimal issues with the technology and hardware and the small issues we did have were fixed instantly.

Rich Moyer     Owner of Hoppin' Brands

Hoppin’ Brands has partnered with PourMyBeer on several projects, and you can find our tech in many of their locations. You will find beer and wine on their self-pour taps. Visit their website to find one of their self-pour locations near you!

Source: Google Reviews

PourMyBeer Wall at Stanley Beer Hall
Craft Food Hall Staff

For more insight on how it feels to join the PourMyBeer family and embrace the benefits of self-pour technology, view our operator’s testimonial videos!

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