The System

The Magic Box

Our Best-In-Class System Starts With Our Superior Screens. Here’s The Magic:

Purpose-Built / Industrial-Grade (vs. consumer-grade tablet tacked to the wall).  Able to withstand heavy use 24/7 + splash proof.

TOUCH SCREEN – Customers can touch a logo to pull up tasting notes on that beverage and scroll to read.

Realtime display of how much you’ve poured in ounces, no delay/latency.

Real Time display of how much you’ve poured and how far you are from hitting your 2 drink limit.

Realtime display of how much you’ve poured in dollars.

Built to be powered on 24/7 and doesn’t have batteries. Our competitors screens are consumer-grade tablets, with batteries, which are not meant to be plugged in/ charging and on all the time.  The batteries swell and crack the screens, and the tablets then have to be replaced.

Custom background image of your choice.

Multiple Taps Per Screen

Built to fit your budget and your space

Don’t let being short on wall space limit how many taps you have – with PourMyBeer you can have as many as 4 taps per screen, saving on wall space and enabling the grouping of beverages by screen.

Highest Quality Tech

The PourMyBeer is the most intelligently engineered system on the market, by far, period.  Read why…


The PourMyBeer system was designed to fix the shortcomings of all self-pour products on the market.

Our team of engineers succeeded. The result is a world-class system that offers the highest level of functionality, ease-of-use, and reliability.

That’s why every major operator who conducted a formal RFP screening process selected PourMyBeer over the competition.  Click here for a full comparison of PourMyBeer vs the competition.

No Wi-Fi Connections Required.

Back in 2013, when our competitors were our vendors, they didn’t have screens to show how much was being dispensed while the customer poured. Their short-term solution was a $50 tablet that they made an app for that would connect to a Wi-Fi router and ask the database to request information wirelessly. Needless to say, it didn’t work very well, resulting in countless service calls and unhappy customers. We engineered our system in 2015 to be hard wired and reliable in every possible way, including not relying on Wi-Fi.

Our screens run on our own proprietary operating system which is Linux based and highly stable.

Our competitors utilize tablets running Android or iOS that are subject to random OS updates that can happen at anytime – like when you have a packed house wanting to use the tap wall!

We have complete control over updates to the screens, and will schedule with you at a time when you’re offline and not open for business.

A/C Powered.

Our system runs on A/C power instead of D/C power like our competitors do, which might not seem like much at first, but it’s a big deal.

A/C power carries through long runs of wiring, D/C doesn’t, so we can put our valves and flow meters as far as 50 feet away. Our competitors have to put their flowmeters no more than 3 feet away from the tap, and having the flowmeter this close to the tap causes a problem – foamy beer! To combat the foam, our competitors have to over-build a beer system to super-cool the beer at the tap, to try to get it not to foam. With the PourMyBeer system, the flowmeters can be mounted well inside the cooler, far from the taps, giving the beer plenty of time to settle before it comes out of the taps. Voila, a nice smooth pour without foam! This is also a key reason why regional and national chains who started with a competitor’s system switched to us.

Benefits Easy-to-use. Fast. Reliable.  Built-in redundancies to prevent complete system failures. And…No foam!

The Most Reliable System On The Market

  • A minimal number of connection points. Our system is so streamlined and simple, it has less than half the number of connections that our competitors’ products do. Less connection points means less potential failure points, nuf said.
  • No WIFI – A clean, closed-loop network that’s hardwired with ethernet instead of depending on WIFI. We’re the only system on the market that doesn’t depend on WIFI, and this makes a big difference.
  • A mini edge network with built-in redundancies and fail-safes. Our screens aren’t just consumer-grade tablets, they’re purpose-built industrial-grade screens that are actually doing control and calculation right at the taps, and sending that information back to the server.  So if the server or any component goes down, no problem, the system still functions.  Once again, PourMyBeer is the only system on the market with this kind of intelligent design that gives you incredible reliability.
  • Contact us for a complete comparison between our system and others on the market

The Most POS & App Integrations

POS Integrations

Apps & Other Systems

We play nice with others, and we’re the only self-pour provider who does.

Rather than try to reinvent the wheel and create our own POS or marketing apps, PourMyBeer recognized early on that it’s best to have an open system that’s as agnostic as possible so that it can integrate with all of your critical restaurant operations systems. So rather than try to build our own POS, we built an open API, that enables us to easily integrate with other systems.

Learn more about why is PourMyBeer leading the self-pour revolution.

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