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PourMyBeer’s self-serve beverage wall is an innovative way of dispensing beer, wine, cocktails, cold brew, kombucha, and so much more. Customers have the freedom to pour their own beverages and pay by ounce. Our technology has countless benefits for operators and has several features that no other self-pour provider on the market offers. These features increase efficiency, make operations run smoothly, and provide insights into consumer patterns and trends.

Watch the video below to see PourMyBeers founder and CEO Josh walk through how the BKG reporting system works and the different functionalities it provides owners and operators!

In-Depth Consumer Reporting

Get to know your customers and what they like more intimately than ever before. Owners have never had access to the granular consumption patterns and consumer data that self-pour provides. PourMyBeer’s BKG reporting system allows operators to gather these useful insights to create successful operations.

To give you a better understanding of our BKG reporting system, we will provide some examples…

BKG reporting by PourMyBeer
  1. POS systems provide information on top-selling beverages but do not get into the nitty-gritty, such as which beers, wines, and cocktails have the highest Keg Velocity?
  2. When someone tries a sample of a beer, wine, or cocktail (we define a sample as less than 6 oz), our BKG can tell you what percentage of the time the customer goes back for more, signaling that they liked the sample.
  3. Our BKG reports what percentage of your kegs are sold to one-time pours versus repeat pours?

But, before we go any further about the benefits of our reporting system, we would like to tell you why we named it the BKG.

Willem Einthoven (1860 – 1927) was a Dutch physician and physiologist. He invented the first practical electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) in 1895 and received the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1924. Each time your heart beats, an electrical signal travels through the heart. An EKG can show if your heart is beating at a normal rate and strength, and can help with early detection of potential threats. We replaced the E with a B for Beverages (not just beer), and voila, the BKG came to life. 

This reporting system provides intelligence and insights for your pour data to help you and your management team run operations more efficiently. As you’ll see below, these features include a dashboard that provides early warnings of irregularities to be addressed, as well as positive alerts to celebrate. We are hopeful the BKG produces a Nobel Prize as well.

Willem Einthoven

Product Features

Main Dashboard

PourMyBeer BKG dashboard example

Product Dashboard

When you update the cost per ounce, the BKG shows which products are more profitable than others. This number is calculated by subtracting giveaways and cleaning cards from sales.

PourMyBeer BKG Product Profiles

Product Breakdown

With the product breakdown feature, operators can see detailed information about each beverage poured on the taps.

Beverage Breakdown in PourMyBeer's BKG

There is a dashboard for each of the beverages dispensed on your self-pour wall.

BKG product breakdown for the month

And, detained product statistics for each item dispensed.

BKG more in-depth product reporting

have questions?

If you have any questions about our BKG reporting system or just any questions in general, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Revolutionary beverage dispense reporting

Our BKG is revolutionizing beverage dispensing reporting. The way owners and operators now have access to robust consumption patterns and pour data is something that has never been seen before. The in-depth reporting of the BKG provides insights into what customers want and like. Product statistics will make switching drinks on tap much easier and take away the guessing game. As an operator, you will no longer waste money when adding a new beer on tap because you have access to all the information you need as to whether it will be a big seller or not. Having all the information at your fingertips will increase efficiency, ensure you give your customers what they want, and increase beverage sales. So do you think is it worth a Nobel Prize?

Wine BKG Reporting by PourMyBeer

For more information, please contact us at cheers@pourmybeer.com or call us 312-416-9989.

If you’re curious to see some real examples of what benefits self-pour brings to many operators, check out our case studies below.


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