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Point of Sale Integrations

PourMyBeer’s self-pour technology is the only provider on the market designed with an open API system. This freedom allows customers to choose the POS system that best suits their needs and saves operators the hassle and costs of switching from a previous system. We want to be sure you have plenty of options to integrate with all of your critical restaurant operation systems.

These top POS players have conducted extensive research and development to ensure their systems are the best and most reliable on the market. We did not find it necessary to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we used that time to perfect our technology. Not only will this give establishments versatility, but it ensures our self-pour family members will have the best self-pour tech on the market and will be able to integrate with the best POS systems.

If you would like to read about a specific integration, check out the articles below! For a brief overview of our major integrations, keep scrolling.

PourMyBeer and Toast

Pourmybeer and toast
made simple

This integration sends all data from a customer’s pour directly to the Toast tab. A significant benefit to the customer is the fact that they no longer have to manually close their tab when leaving.

Clover POS and PourMyBeer terminal

PourMyBeer and Clover Better Together

This integration helps operators increase the quality & speed of service in the front of the house and reduces the management workload on the back of the house. Manage your entire self-pour beverage database in one system.

Now, let's check out this list of PourMyBeer's integrations with major pos providers!

PourMyBeer and Toast integration

Toast POS is one of the biggest POS providers with over 40,000 restaurants using their system. They were ranked the #1 restaurant POS provider in 2021, by G2. Toast is great for any establishment big, or small. This POS system is commonly found in restaurants, bars, breweries, but they are also in some pretty cool locations like food trucks and cafes. The system can truly fit into any venue type you could imagine. Their easy-to-use system has no delay, so once an order is placed into the system, it automatically sends to the kitchen. The same applies to when guests pour from the self-pour beverage wall. All transactions will be automatically applied to the customer’s tab and no manual entry is needed. Another plus is that orders can be taken directly from tablets, so servers do not have to run back and forth to the kitchen or terminals.


toast reporting and analytics
GoTab Logo

GoTab empowers operators with Mobile Ordering & payment, a Kitchen Display System, and a Point of Sale that puts them in control. GoTab is a restaurant commerce platform designed to optimize experiences and efficiencies. Unlike legacy POS systems, they prioritizes the guest at the center of the experience. GoTab operates in all hospitality spaces from fast casual and fine dining to resorts and entertainment venues with all the stops in between.


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Aloha POS logo

NCR Aloha POS provides beginning-to-end solutions. Their POS has countless features from acquiring and retaining customers to digital ordering and delivery. The system works great in independent restaurants all the way to global enterprises. 1 or 1,00 locations, Aloha can do it. They have POS terminals, mobile POS, and self-ordering kiosks, which give you a variety of options to choose from to make operations more efficient in your establishment. 


Aloha POS system

If your establishment is a hybrid restaurant and retail store selling merch, Clover will work great for you! Clover works well for businesses, big or small, and provides insights into managing your team, growing your customer base, managing orders, and processing payments. Their robust reporting system can be viewed from anywhere and allows operators to track and break down key performance indicators. If you go with Clover, food and beverage sales can be managed in one system, the PourMyBeer terminal. This simplifies operations and creates a more profitable establishment. Clover is cloud-based and owned by First Data/Fiserv, which provides merchant services.


Watch this video to see how the PourMyBeer and Clover integration works!

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POSitouch is a great option for small independent restaurants, huge national chains, and everything in between. They have POS systems designed for table service, quick-service restaurants, bar and nightlife, and any other venue type you can think of. POSitouch processing fee is meet or beat, and inventory programs, online ordering, etc., are all included. Not to mention, their 27/7 online support is unmatched!


positouch skytab pay at table

POSitouch SkyTab that allows guests to pay at the table.

zonal logo

Zonal offers a large variety of integrated technology solutions including POS, online ordering, reservations, and loyalty apps to the hospitality sector. Serving both independent businesses as well as large-multisite operations, Zonal has been developing hospitality tech solutions for more than 40 years. Zonal gives you a choice of options. Software only or both hardware and software. Because Zonal partners with Datacap, businesses can use any credit card processor, eliminating additional fees you may pay to other providers.


Zonal Z8 Terminal USA

We know finding choosing the right POS system for your establishment can be challenging. We are here to make the process a little easier. Since our system is built with an open API, the decision is completely up to you, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!


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