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Self-pour maximizes customer flow rates by allowing multiple customers to pour simultaneously while respecting social distancing!

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Load Up Your Card

Load Up Your Card

Your customer will be issued an RFID card upon checking their ID. They can run a tab by leaving a credit card with a staff member or they can pre-load a dollar amount.

Explore & Pour

Explore & Pour

Once the RFID card is placed in the slot above the desired tap(s), the system recognizes the card and grants access. Your customer will see their available funds on the main display as well as a real-time drink meter that goes down as they pour.



Customers enjoy their new-found freedom to responsibly sample and refill at their leisure. More time to spend doing what they came there to do, socialize. No more waiting for service! Your staff won’t have to ignore whistles or people yelling, “Hey you!” chants or waving credit cards or money at your staff. This frees your staff up to make better cocktails and give better service. It’s a true win-win-win for everyone involved.

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