Videos – How Self-Pour Works

Want to make it easier for your self-pour first-timers to get started from the moment they walk in the door? Then you’re in the right place! Below are some videos explaining how self-pour works. We recommend choosing one for your establishment and looping it on a TV near your beverage wall so your guests can see how it works!



How the Self-Pour Process Works

This video details the self-pour process with audio and subtitles. It’s a great video to display around your wall or at your check-in station!

how it works

This video details every step from door to pour for your self-pour customers! Place this video around the wall to easily show how it works!

how to pour properly

If you notice your customers are pouring foamy beer off your taps, this video is a great step-by-step on how to pour. It shows customers how to pour the perfect beer.

How to Use an RFID Wristband

If you offer RFID wristbands to guests, play this video to show how customers can get a wristband and begin pouring at the wall! 

the pouring process

This video is a simple walk-through of the pouring process for customers. The text overlay will allow guests to watch as well as read the pouring process. 

How to Self-pour wine

If you primarily offer wine on tap, this video is for you. While it does follow the same process as dispensing beer, it is more targeted towards your offerings.

How To Self-pour beer

Here is an animated video showing the pouring process for customers. It is simple and easy to follow. This video applies to all beverages poured on self-pour taps.

Self-Pour Wine Process

If you primarily wine on tap, this video is also for you. It shows the entire process from door to pour and is completely targeted toward wine. 

how to pour (extra emphasis on where to put the RFID card)

If one of the trouble points for customers is figuring out what to do with their RFID card, this video emphasizes where to put it. It also shows the full process of pouring.

If you need these as raw files to loop on your TVs above or near your beverage wall, contact our marketing team at If you’d like to add graphics around or near your beverage wall explaining the self-pour process, check out the graphics explaining the process below!


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