Why We're the Market Leader

PourMyBeer is leading the self-pour revolution with over 390 locations around the world and 8,000+ taps in service. We have the best-engineered system on the market which has never been replaced. We continue to listen to our customers to ensure their satisfaction is above all else.

5 steps when replacing another provider’s technology...

1. Cable Management & Networking

2. Server & Integration Setup

3. Connecting and Mounting the Screens

4. Terminating the Valves and Flow Meters Connections

5. Testing and Training

Download A List of Our Replacements of Other Self-Serve Providers

At PourMyBeer, we take pride in being the market leader of self-pour technology. We are the only system on the market that has never been replaced. Yet, we’ve replaced several systems of other self-serve providers. To see a full list of all the replacements we have done of other self-serve systems in 2021, download the PDF below!

We also have a couple of great resources for you to check out if you’d like to learn more about some of the replacements we have recently done. Check out the two links below to read how the process works and why these two operators are happy they made the switch to PourMyBeer!


PourMyBeer offers the most superior screens on the market. Here’s why. Our purpose-built, industrial-grade screens were created with the restaurant industry in mind. Unlike other self-pour providers, PourMyBeer screens are designed to be powered on 24/7 and they’re splashproof. Our screens do not have batteries, as they cause screens to swell and crack, ultimately leading to unhappy customers. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Below, Jim Wright, Director of Operations at Stanley Beer Hall, explains the issues he had with another provider’s screens, which led him to make the switch to PourMyBeer.

Their tablets are not purpose-built. They were just Android tablets that were held in a case. They were plugged in all the time with traditional batteries. The batteries would expand, and the cases would pop and break. We had to pull them out, take them out of the frame, restart them, and replace them. They helped us replace the first 3 or 4 and then they kind of ghosted us as far as service goes. We couldn’t get our tablets replaced so a lot of our tablets were down.

– Jim Wright, Director of Operations at Stanley Beer Hall

Real-time Display

PourMyBeer gives customers the comfort of control over what they are spending. Our screens provide a real-time display, showing the running amount of pour volume by a tenth of an ounce and the running cost as customers pour. They will see a real-time display of how much they’ve poured in ounces with no delay or latency.

Jason Imhoff, from Zpizza, emphasizes the importance of seeing how much you’re spending and how our real-time display enhances the self-pour experience for customers.

You’re able to see how much money you’re spending while you pour as well as how many ounces you’re pouring. With iPourIt, you didn’t have that ability. The fact that [PourMyBeer’s screens] tell you everything while you’re pouring makes it a much better experience for the customer.

– Jason Imhoff, Owner of Zpizza Tap Room LAX

iPourIt screens only show ounces poured after each pour is finished, not in real-time.
PourMyBeer shows ounces and price in real time
PourMyBeer screens show both ounces poured and amount spent in real-time.


Things go wrong; this is a fact of life. But it’s how these errors are dealt with that matter. PourMyBeer tracks every support call, and as of this writing, over the past 24 months, we have averaged 15 support calls/week from our 285+ active customers in the US & Canada. If a screen ever has an issue, which is not common, a new one is shipped overnight to replace it. Our engineering and our level of commitment to support are two of the biggest reasons we will continue to replace our competitors’ systems.

Read more about PourMyBeer’s unmatched support from Federico, a customer who is happy he made the transition to PourMyBeer after dealing with insufficient support from another self-serve provider.

It seems like they just don't care about you after they get the sale. I requested support repeatedly over the course of a year before I had their system replaced. Working with PourMyBeer has been great. The product has never had an issue and if I ever have a question, their support team responds immediately.

– Federico Gimenez, Owner of Leopoldo’s Pizza


We don’t believe in penalizing our customers for their success, so we went the route of having a flat rate based on the number of magic boxes (or screens) our customers have. It’s simple math: $100 for the first screen and $20 for each additional, per month. We max our monthly out at $750 and it’s based on the number of screens you have.

If you would like more details on pricing, don’t hesitate to contact us!

A major difference between PourMyBeer and other self-pour providers is our flat monthly fees. Jim Wright says this was the main reason he made the switch to PourMyBeer. Read his thoughts on the cost of our tech below.

The biggest difference was the price point on the monthly fees. iPourIt charged so much per ounce no matter how much you poured. We’re lucky enough to be a very busy place, so our bills were a little crazy - especially during our busiest months. And we weren’t getting service. It was supposed to cover the system and support and we were getting a system that was broken and support that wouldn’t answer the phone or return our calls. The fee was up in the $2500 a month range because we’re a busy place. So we’d do 250-300K ounces a month at a penny an ounce. It adds up. With our purchase of PourMyBeer (hardware and support), our monthly fees are less than our ongoing monthly service for iPourIt. Our monthly fees are less than 30% of what they were before.

– Jim Wright, Director of Operations at Stanley Beer Hall

Responsive Screens

Customers of other providers report that the (Read-only) wristband RFID is ineffective, as is the sensitivity of the RFID reader on their tablets. Having to constantly wave your wrist in front of their screen can get annoying, especially when the whole point of a self-serve system is to make the process of getting a beer easy and painless. Tired of seeing their customers struggle, these owners switched to PourMyBeer.

In December 2020, the PourMyBeer team flew to North Carolina when Hoppin’ Brands decided it was time to make the switch from their previous provider. Hoppin’ chose to replace the self-pour systems in all of their locations and upgrade to PourMyBeer technology. Our team replaced a total of 217 self-pour taps! Check out the video below to get an inside look at the retrofits at each location!

Hear how the owner of Hoppin’ Brands, a big industry player, feels after making the switch to PourMyBeer.

We retrofitted all three of our taprooms to PourMyBeer and had an amazing experience with their entire team. We have had the system for almost 4 months and have minimal issues with the technology and hardware and the small issues we did have were fixed instantly. Our staff loves the backend of PourMyBeer and the user interface. They have spoken highly about PourMybeer and how easy things are with their system.

– Rich Moyer, Owner of Hoppin’ Brands

Most pos integrations

PourMyBeer integrates with a variety of POS systems because rather than trying to build our own POS, we decided it’s best to leave that to the experts. That is why we have engineered our system with an open API, enabling us to integrate with the best POS systems on the market, such as Toast, MyAxisPoint, and others. This flexibility means our customers get the best of both worlds: they can use the very best POS systems to fit their needs and keep things running smoothly, and they can also have the best self-pour system on the market. Check out some videos of our integrations in action.

Our POS integrations make our customers’ lives easier. Jason Imhoff touches on the pain points of not having these important integrations.

We had multiple issues with getting beers put on in a timely manner. Every time we were switching a keg, you had to send an email, get it added to [iPourIt’s] database, rather than simply adding it yourself onto Untappd as you can with PourMyBeer.

– Jason Imhoff, Owner of Zpizza Tap Room LAX

iPourit - Marriott Orlando
Another Self-Pour Provider's Check-In Station
PourMyBeer Check-In Station Integrated with Toast POS

Why Did customers switch to pourmybeer?

Curious to learn why customers of other self-pour tech providers switch to us?  Download the case study below to hear why one customer did!

Here When You Need Us

PourMyBeer takes great pride in a well-engineered, stable, and secure self-pour system that’s built to last. Other self-pour technology providers struggle with the issues described above, which is why we are we’re replacing about 2-3 of their systems every month. 

While we are always happy to add to our PourMyBeer family, we want to encourage everyone to do their due diligence before moving forward with the right vendor, which is why we always recommend asking these six questions: 

6 Questions You Should Ask Your Provider:

  1. Can you provide a list of all the installations you’ve done in the last 24 months
  2. How many employees do you have in the U.S., and where are they located? 
  3. How much will I pay for your support every month if: I have 40 taps and plan to sell 60 kegs of beer in a month? And, if 20% of that is wine, will that impact my costs for you monthly?
  4. Did/do you use consumer-grade tablets for screens? How many do you have in the market?
  5. Have you ever had a competitor remove and replace your system with their system?  
  6. Have you won any RFP’s with large companies? Please explain in detail.

Here, you can find PourMyBeer’s responses to these six questions, and you’ll learn why more major brands have picked our technology over all other self-pour providers. 


If you have any questions about the retrofits we have done, or about any other topics, don’t hesitate to contact us at cheers@pourmybeer.com or (312) 416-9989.

And remember, we’re here when you need us!


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