Integrations​ and Partnerships

PourMyBeer is the most reliable and intuitive self-pour experience you will find on the market. The POS industry has many players and a few clear winners. Rather than design a limited POS of our own, we decided to let the experts handle it. So we’re making use of our open-API software to integrate with the best POS systems. This way, you, as the customer, get the absolute strongest self-pour experience from us and the most stable POS experience from our partners. Read more about our POS integrations here.

It's the best of both worlds! Check it out! 👇

Our Integration With Untappd Brings 1.7 Million Beers to Your Fingertips
How the Clover POS & PourMyBeer Integration Works
How the PourMyBeer & Toast Integration Works from a Staff's Perspective

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