Ensuring customers understand how a self-pour beverage wall works and how to pour a draught beverage is critical in making them feel comfortable with the new technology, and it’ll help you boost your sales. Check out the video below to hear an operator talk about his script for his self-pour establishment.

Besides PourMyBeer resources such as graphics and videos (which can be sent to you in a raw format upon request), we’ve created a sample script, so you can get an idea on basic points that should be covered. However, we strongly recommend you customize it to fit with your business’ values and unique personality!

Self-Pour Staff:  Welcome to (your establishment’s name)!

Customer: Thank you!

Self-Pour Staff: Are you familiar with this PourMyBeer venue and self-pour? 

Customer: No, this is my first time here! (If they say yes, then we simply recommend double checking if they have any questions or need a refresher on how it works, otherwise they are good to go once they either open a tab or use a prepaid card.)

PourMyBeer location in Florida

Self-Pour Staff: Awesome, welcome to a new kind of drink experience! Thanks to PourMyBeer technology, you can try any of these (number) drinks – including (list types of beverages you offer) by the ounce. On every screen, you will see information about each beverage and how much it costs per ounce, meaning you can pour as little or as much as you would like. Just make sure to call yourself a designated driver if you plan to try them all!

Customer: Sounds awesome! How does it work?

Self-Pour Staff: As you can see in the video (or the graphics above), we just need to get your RFID card which will allow you to start pouring. In order to do that, we will either link it to your credit card or a prepaid cash value.

Would you prefer to open up a tab that we can connect to your credit card, or would you like to put a certain amount of money on a prepaid card?

Staff trained at checkout for self-pour beer wall

Customer: Let’s just open a tab. (If they would prefer to put money on a card, they can determine the amount and you can run their credit card and put that value on the RFID card.)

Self-Pour Staff: Perfect, let me check your ID and get a credit card you’d like to use. (Or get the cash from them.)

PMB TIP: Once you verify the drinking age, you can give them back their ID, and either pre-authorize their credit card, or have a safe place behind the counter to hold onto their card until they are finished. You’ll want to make sure you’re keeping these in alphabetical order by last name for easy retrieval. We recommend a small and secure box with alphabetical dividers for each letter of guests’ last names. 

Self-Pour Staff: Let me (or direct them to a staff member) show you how the self-pour beverage wall works. I’ll go ahead and issue you your PourMyBeer card! As I said earlier, you can use it to pour whichever drink you want in whatever quantity you want.

Explain the organization of your wall. This will differ by location.

Example: “The wall is organized with the wine at the very front. As you move to the right you’ll have our ciders, kombucha, craft cocktails and then our beer selections are arranged from lighter beers such as Lagers, Pilsners and Ales, then your IPAs and Wheat Beers to your darker beers like Stouts and Porters.”

Self-Pour Staff: The interactive screens can show you tasting notes and ABV information.  Once you have decided a beverage you would like to try, grab a fresh glass, put the beer card in the card reader and it will unlock the taps associated with that screen and card reader. Feel free to pour a taste before committing, just make sure you are tilting the glass at a 45-degree angle and making sure not to physically touch the glass to the tap. 

PourMyBeer card used as gift card

Self-Pour Staff: Each time you would like to try another beverage, feel free to grab a fresh glass and enjoy.

Self-Pour Staff: After 2 full servings, the card will pause and you’ll need to grab any staff member to reactivate it for two more servings. Otherwise when you’re finished, just bring the beer card back here to where we opened it and I can close out your tab. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions!

Have a blast! Enjoy your tasting journey!

self-pour wine

Below is a script example from one of our customers in the beautiful St. Augustine, FL – Auggie’s Draft Room.

Download Script Example Now!

We encourage all of our customers to personalize their scripts so they are unique to your business’ personality as well as your brand! Remember that it should go along with the rest of your branding and positioning. Whether you have a laid back establishment or more of an upscale taproom or bar, you want to make the script “yours.” Now, let’s learn more about branding and what you should look into when creating a strong and memorable brand for your customers. 

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