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Follow the guided video demonstrations below to learn how to maximize the operations of your self-pour system! Your journey to self-pour success starts with the RFID card and a breakdown of data entries for your current cards vs. your blocking cards, your customer cards vs. your staff cards, and the database management of your reporting system.

Furthermore, the Reporting System includes all the leading information like the product by volume, product performance, number of active cards, sales, ounce counts, staff reports, cleaning schedules, and much more. Also, pay close attention to the Product Database to keep your inventory on point, as this is where you can activate and deactivate products based on availability.

A quick breeze through Keg Management, Happy Hour Settings, Background Images, and Maintenance are covered in this A – Z training, so you don’t want to miss this!

Watch until the end and walk away a self-pour winner!

Server Overview

In this video, Jason, our tech-support lead will walk you through all the settings on the PourMyBeer server! Jason covers everything between filtering RFID cards, keg management stats, and others!

Setting Up Keg Levels & Tap Compensation

How to Set Up Keg levels

Learn how to set up keg levels in this episode of our system tutorials! Utilizing our system, Jason will teach you how to set up the keg size and explain how the keg swap button resets the keg level.

How to set up Tap compensation

Follow this episode to learn how to set up tap compensation! Using our system, Jason will teach you how to set up tap compensation and explain how it prevents the next customer from being charged since the flow meter hasn’t spun the set amount of times yet.

How To Create Different Types Of RFID Cards

How to Create an Admin card

 Thanks to our Toast POS integration, Jason will show you how to create an admin card and why you should give your admin cards a meaningful name.

How to create a staff card

Check out this video to learn how to create a staff card and what the staff card has access to.

How to create a cleaning card

Utilizing our system, Jason will teach you how to create a cleaning card and explain what the cleaning card is used for as well as who should have access to these cards.

Activating & Reauthorizing Your RFID Cards

How to Activate an RFID card

In this episode of our system tutorials, Jason will teach you how to activate an RFID card and explain what the RFID card is used for.

How to reauthorize an rfid card

While self-pour technology empowers customers to take charge of their drinking experience, it has clear limitations. Learn how to reauthorize a customer’s RFID card once they have reached the two-drink limit.

To learn more about the PourMyBeer system, check out our Tech Masters Series Center. Here you’ll find access to webinars hosted for PourMyBeer family members. Each webinar focuses on a different topic about your self-pour system.

As always, if you have any questions or are interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us at 312-416-9989!

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