Making the Self-Pour Switch

Transition from Traditional bar to self-pour wall

The Crab House, located in Virginia, was known for its amazing seafood and vibrant atmosphere. People loved eating there in the summer, but even though they had the best seafood in town, they struggled to turn a profit during the fall and winter months. Beer sales were less than 8%, while beer costs of goods were higher than 50%.

The owners of The Crab House had to think outside of the box and innovate to stay afloat. After conducting research, they made the switch to self-pour would be the best decision to bring their profits back up, and they were right! With their self-pour wall, they increased beer sales, net sales, and decreased payroll! Download the case study to see the numbers that their 40-tap self-pour setup brought in. 

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Curious to learn more about the benefits of self-pour technology and how the PourMyBeer system helps other operators thrive? Access our other case studies below! 


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