Self-pour at Military Bases

Servicemen and women from Hampton, Virginia and St. Clair County in Illinois all the way to Okinawa in Japan are able to enjoy freedom of choice, thanks to PourMyBeer’s self-pour technology. Our self-serve tap walls are currently in use on military bases across the United States and OCONUS as well.

Whether they are larger fixed installations, or smaller, mobile systems that can fit into almost any space – PourMyBeer you can make it into an innovative and attractive revenue stream.

Military bases all over the world are starting to see the value in offering self-pour beer, wine, cocktails, or even cold brew and kombucha to their servicemen. With the ability to pour exactly as much as they want and pay by ounce, service members love self-pour.

How it works:

  1. The servicemembers can use a payment method to open a tab or prepay for a PourMyBeer RFID card.
  2. Servicemembers place their PourMyBeer card on the RFID card reader which gives them access to a beverage wall and drinks of their choice.
  3. They use the taps to pour exactly as much as they want, and the PMB tech will record and charge to the RFID card based on ounces poured.

It’s that simple!

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