Cruise Ship Beer Dispensers

Beer and wine are major sources of profit on many cruise ships. Offering a great selection of beverages and convenient service for your guests makes them more likely to drink and, ultimately, more likely to have a positive experience. This is particularly valuable when customers recommend your operation to their friends. Whether it’s an around-the-world tour or a booze cruise through your local harbor, PourMyBeer cruise ship beer dispensers make a unique selling point on any voyage!

What Is PourMyBeer?

A PourMyBeer cruise ship beer dispenser is a new way of serving your guests — by letting them serve themselves. Once your staff has checked their ID and collected their payment information, guests are issued an RFID card that allows them to pour their own drinks or the payment can be tied to their RFID room key cards. The card keeps track of how much they’ve poured and how much they’ve spent, so there are no surprises and no payment issues.

To prevent overconsumption, guests are required to check-in with staff after every two drinks. Other than that, they are free to enjoy beer and wine at their own convenience. They won’t have to worry about waiting in line for service or rushing to the ATM when funds run low.

PourMyBeer Saves You Money

A PourMyBeer cruise ship beer dispenser does more than just make it easier for your guests to get their drinks. It’s also a great driver for revenue and productivity — these are key benefits in an industry where profit margins are tight. With our beer walls, no alcohol is lost or given away. This makes every keg 100% profitable and reduces waste by as much as 23% overall.

Our dispenser systems also mean less work for your staff, freeing them to provide quality service to guests in other ways. Even better, using a PourMyBeer beer dispenser eliminates the frustration associated with long waits in line for drinks commonly experienced by cruise ship passengers.

How to PourMyBeer on a Cruise

  1. Guests aboard cruises can use their room key cards, linked to a payment method, in order to gain access to the PourMyBeer beverage wall.
  2. The guests place their room key cards onto the PourMyBeer card reader, which gives them access to beverages of their choice.
  3. They select their choice of beverage, and pull the corresponding fully in order to dispense it. Payment is automatically completed by ounce via the RFID card.
  4. After enjoying as many different drinks as they want, guests receive an itemized receipt for the night.

Request a Quote Today

A PourMyBeer cruise ship beer wall is both a unique selling point for your cruise and a powerful profit generator that can quickly pay for itself. Our systems are easy for your staff members to learn, and they’re safe and fun for all of your guests. To learn more, contact our team by phone or email. We’re happy to assess your needs and put together a quote for a cruise ship beer dispenser, ready to pour for your very next voyage!

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PourMyBeer logo with a black background


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