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The facts...

40% of restaurants make it past year 1
80% of restaurants fail before year 5
View of restaurant island with self-serve tap rmachine
So, what is the one thing all off the surviving restaurants have in common?

With Self-Pour Taps, You Will...

✅  Increase Profits by 45% or More

✅  Decrease Labor by 20% or More

✅  Increase Service Efficiency 4x 

✅  Reduce Waste to as Little as 3%

What Our Customers Say

What Operators Say About

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Jim Wright Headshot
Jim Wright Headshot

"The addition of self-pour technology saved our business. Our location had a VERY short window to capture sales each evening. The neighborhood where we operate is very family-oriented and therefore parents had a limited time to enjoy a restaurant experience. Our guests can now enter and have their first beverage in their hands within a couple of minutes. With time to have a second cocktail versus one and done, our sales have increased dramatically just due to this one aspect although there are many additional benefits to the addition of the PourMyBeer self-tap system."

PourMyBeer and Tapster Seattle self-pour workshop
PourMyBeer and Tapster Seattle self-pour workshop

When I did the comparison of what the profits would be as a self-pour bar vs. a traditional craft beer bar, the writing was on the wall. Self-Pour all the way. Our operational costs are half of what they'd be if we were a regular bar and our customers have twice as much fun because they never have to wait.

Josue Matos, PourMyBeer
Josue Matos, PourMyBeer

As one of the first establishments to introduce self-pour technology to the Eastern Pennsylvania market, we could not be more thrilled with the results. Our customers can't stop raving about how awesome the concept is, and PourMyBeer made us feel like family way before our doors even opened. We're excited to be a part of their growth as we are hopeful to one day have multiple self-pour restaurants throughout PA.

Increase sales and reduce labor needs with self-pour!

Self-pour technology helps establishments across the world reduce labor costs and eliminate staffing challenges! Since guests serve themselves, servers can focus their efforts elsewhere, increasing the overall level of customer service.

Malcolm Yards in Minneapolis, MN, has both a self-pour beverage wall and a traditional bar. They find that their self-pour beverage wall is more efficient and brings in higher profits than their traditional setup. The self-pour beverage wall brings in 60% of their total alcohol sales, and they do not even have cocktails on tap! 

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Besides helping with staffing challenges, self-pour beverage walls grant these major benefits

How Self-Pour Tech Changes the Economics of Owning an Establishment

Benefits of having self-serve beer wall
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See How Self-Pour Tech can Benefit Your Business!

Questions? We have answers!

If you are struggling, we have the solution for you. Join the self-pour revolution and enjoy all of the benefits self-pour presents. Don’t be part of one of those horrible statistics mentioned above. If you have questions, contact us below!

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PourMyBeer logo with a black background


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