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As industry leaders, we wanted to equip you with basic guidelines when it comes to cleaning your draft lines. That’s why we have put together our recommendations on how to properly clean your lines. The cost of cleaning lines is negligible relative to the cost of losing customers when your beer tastes stale.

Before we get started you’ll also want to check out our webinar, How To Keep Your Draft System Healthy, to learn more about the essential components of draft systems, proper maintenance and cleaning, and how to troubleshoot common issues.

Along with industry standards, we recommend that you clean your draft lines every 14 days. This includes your lines, FOBs, couplers & most importantly your faucets. Failure to properly clean your lines will result in the build up of bacteria, yeast, mold and beer stone, which will degrade the quality of the draft beer you serve.

General Recommendations For Your self-pour System Static Line Cleaning:

How to Create a Cleaning Card

To clean you will follow the directions of your draft beer line installer. They will use a special “cleaning card” when onsite to clean lines. This card opens valves but does not charge money for the account. To create a cleaning card use the admin card and follow these steps:

  1. Select “Create Cleaning Card”
  2. Enter the name of the cleaning card. We recommend using the name of your beer line cleaning company.
  3. Place the card on the card loader at the prompt.
  4. After a couple of seconds, the cleaning info will be written and the card will be ready to use at the TTG units.  

NOTE: Make sure this card stays with the staff or with the cleaning company. Cleaning reports can be accessed via the web portal.

Above is a video from our System Tutorial Series, where Jason, Technical Support Lead at PourMyBeer, explains how to create a cleaning card.

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