RFID Cards and Wristbands

What are my RFID options?

Read/Write RFID Card

At PourMyBeer our system supports both READ/WRITE and READ ONLY cards. This includes all variants of the MIFARE®  family (MIFARE Mini®, MIFARE Classic® 1K, MIFARE Classic® 4K, MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Ultralight® EV 1, MIFARE DESFire®, MIFARE DESFire® EV1 and MIFARE Plus®) and the NTAG2xx chip family (NTAG203, NTAG210, NTAG212, NTAG213, NTAG215, NTAG216).

We offer affordable customer cards, both PourMyBeer branded or personalized with your business’s logo/brand, which can be conveniently ordered 24/7 at our RFID Card Store: https://pourmybeer.cards

We exclusively use securely encrypted cards for all managers/staff to protect access to key system controls. 

Here Is What the Check In Process With RFID Card Looks Like

Here Is What the Check-In Process With RFID Wristband Looks Like

Below are some examples of our customers’ personalized RFID cards.

How to activate new 2K MIFARE cards

When you receive new 2K MIFARE RFID cards, they will need to be assigned to your location using the admin function called “change card password.”

1) Log into the check-in area (where you make customer cards) using an admin card or credentials.

2) Press the green “change card password” button.

3) Leaving the old password field blank, press the arrow at the top right of the screen.

4) Scan the new cards one after another until all of them are done.

NOTE: If you use a POS integration with your PourMyBeer system then you are most likely using read only or 1K Classic MIFARE RFID cards that do not require passwords. These cards can be used right out of the box for pairing with POS tickets and online prepay or bill pay options.

Contact PourMyBeer support at (312) 416-9989 ext. 2 or email us at support@pourmybeer.com if you have any questions!


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