QR Code Functionality

Scanning to Pour is As Easy as 1-2-3!

Are you curious how our QR code functionality allows you to easily load and reload credit on your pour card to use in compatibility with our self-serve technology? This new feature makes it simple to spend less time waiting and more time enjoying! Our QR Code Functionality makes pouring your self-serve drinks of choice much more efficient! 

How it Works for Operators

PourMyBeer operators can use this feature in two ways: They can use it along with their point-of-sale system to make prepaid cards or without a point-of-sale system. Either way, payment processing of QR card purchases is processed through Stripe, not the POS. Below, we’ve included more information on the process and videos to show you how it works!

How it Works for Customers

  1. Grab your pour card and cup 
  2. Scan the QR code on your pour card
  3. Add money to your card
  4. Pay with a card or Apple wallet
  5. Insert your card in the reader, pour, and enjoy!

To learn more about how our self-pour technology works, click the button to access more videos!


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