Seabrook Island Club Case Study

Golf Club Installs Cutting-Edge Technology & Achieves Profitability in

6 months!

Self-pour beverage technology revolutionizes the guest experience and enhances member satisfaction at golf courses and country clubs across the US! Seabrook Island Club, a private oceanfront community & club located 25 miles outside of Charleston, SC, wanted to provide an upscale ambiance and hands-on social experience for its Members.

While struggling to find and retain staff, The Club had to find ways to bring innovative experiences to Members while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Self-pour technology checked all the boxes for The Club and allowed them to reduce the amount of labor needed. To learn more about how Seabrook Island Club reduced labor costs and achieved profitability within 6 months, download the case study below!

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Watch this video to hear from Mitchell Laskowitz, General Manager & Chief Operating Officer!

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