You Rock!

Are you ready to open up a successful self-pour establishment?

If you are looking for success we have your back! We have helped over 270 self-pour locations open their doors and have seen some amazing success stories, but unfortunately also some bad experiences. Throughout these openings, we have gathered a list of Do’s and Do Not’s to ensure you have the smoothest opening and see the most success possible. We want you to be successful, and believe we have gained the knowledge to help you along the way, so check out our Do’s and Dont’s guide and let’s get started!

Self-Pour Operations “Do’s” and "Do Not's"


See what our PourMyBeer family members are saying about their self-serve beauties in our customer videos!

And, if you are looking for some inspiration, check out some other self-serve beverage wall set-ups. There are so many unique and fun ways to set up your wall, so be sure to explore all of your options!

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