Self-Pour Station Logistics

Below you will find everything from self-pour technology benefits to the logistics of installing a self-pour station!


  • Transform dead space in your establishment to profit-generating space. Ex: your lobby, patio, pool area, etc.!
  • Ability to set up limits to prevent overconsumption
  • Compact and easy to move
  • Contains enough space for required kegs & gas required for proper dispensing
  • Saves significant funds on labor costs
  • Get 100% from kegs
  • Less opportunity cost: customers face no wait time and purchase more frequently
  • Customers serve themselves, minimizing wait times, resulting in a higher frequency of purchasing
  • Get extensive smart reporting on sales
  • No infrastructure is required - move the unit based on your needs
Mobile Kegerator at Coffee Bar 1010



  • Project management, installation, and training
  • A tower with screens built-in
  • Flow Controls
  • RFID check-in station (hardware and software)
  • A printer
  • 200 PourMyBeer RFID cards (custom printed RFID cards are available for purchase online)
  • Refrigeration unit and a beer system

Additional COsts

  • CO2 or necessary gas
  • A visit from a local draft installer for couplers and maintenance
  • Travel and accommodations for our installer (if you require on-site installation)
  • POS integration: $69/month or $690/year (two month free)
  • Monthly support/software license varies depending on the size of the unit (a 4-tap unit is $120/month, a 6-tap unit is $140/month, and an 8-tap unit is $160/month)
  • Applicable taxes will be added

We have financing!

No money down, low monthly payments, quick approvals! One of our partners, North Star Leasing, is very experienced with providing financing to self-pour operators. Learn more below.


The self-pour station is fully self-contained, with space inside for kegs of all standard sizes plus the gas connectors required for proper dispensing. You will need a 110-V wall outlet or an extension cord nearby for power. And you will need to arrange for your local draft tech to be onsite when we install your self-pour station so we can train them on the system.

GAs Requirement

You will need to provide the Co2 to connect to the regulator. Your draft tech is required to service and clean the self-pour station once a month like a regular system.

Power Requirement

You will need a 20V, 1 phase, 60 Hz, full load amps – 5.7, and a dedicated 15 amp circuit.

Networking Requirement

You will need a CAT5 / ethernet wire from the self-pour station to the POS hardware and an extra line if you want another check-in area.

PourMyBeer Kegerator


  • 8 week lead time required from the time of deposit
  • Ships in one crate
  • Self-Pour Station from Micro Matic
  • Liquid-Cooled Column
  • PourMyBeer Check-In Equipment
  • After you receive your order, PourMyBeer provides remote setup and training
self-pour station by PourMyBeer


You can now offer beer, wine, cold brew, or signature cocktails to any space within your property. Each unit has lockable wheels on the base, giving you the freedom to position it anywhere around your property based on your current needs. The only things not provided are the Co2 gas and the actual beer. 

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2023 Self-Pour Impact Report

Quantifiable insights from our ecosystem of 500+ operators. Download the report to unlock key data and statistics!

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