Workshop: Self-pour Wine 101

self-pour workshop

Join the PourMyBeer team and Sammy Lam, the owner of Wanderlust Winery in Austin, Texas.

Learn everything you need to know about wine on taps!

wine on self-pour tap
  • How does self-pour wine work?
  • Why wine on self-pour taps makes sense?
  • Self-pour versus staff pour
  • Is wine on tap right for you?
  • How to execute wine on tap?
  • What kind of ROI can you expect?

The workshop is designed to cover everything you need to know about wine on taps and share the best practices with the attendees. Besides that, attendees can network with their peers, enjoy self-pour wine & food, and meet other self-pour owners from the area as well as the PourMyBeer team.

Free to attend!

Wine on PourMyBeer self-serve tap

Check out what experience in a self-pour wine only venue in Lake Tahoe, CA looks like:

Self-Pour Workshop Austin

Let the owner of the Wanderlust winery owner share his experience and helpful tips for offering wine on taps

Enjoy appetizers and self-pour wines on us

Accelerate the process of successfully implementing wine on taps

Recognize the benefits of self-pour technology for the operator

Network with other restaurant and bar owners from the area

We look forward to pouring together!

Austin Winery Empowered by PourMyBeer Technology
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