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They say that example is better than precept; we couldn’t agree more. You may have heard about self-pour and its benefits to both the operators and patrons; maybe you’ve even seen or heard us talk about how self-pour technology can reduce your costs and waste, increase your service efficiency, and skyrocket your beverage sales. But don’t take our word for it! In the following 6 case studies, we share real-life success stories about people who decided to open their own self-pour bars, taprooms, and restaurants using the power of PourMyBeer. We hope that these features on the people who joined the self-pour revolution will help you get a better idea of what we’re all about, and how our revolutionary technology might make you the next success story!

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The Crab House

A seafood-based restaurant in Virginia turns their beverage sales from losses to significant profits within the very first month after implementing PourMyBeer’s self-pour technology. In fact, their draft beer sales increase by a whopping 529%!

Retrofit at Leopoldo’s Pizza Napoletana

This restaurant in Carlton, Georgia makes the switch from the unreliable and faulty self-pour system of their previous provider to the game-changing PourMyBeer technology, resulting in an increase of sales.

Pizza Factory Beverage Sales Double with PourMyBeer

When James Huffman, the owner of the Pizza Factory in Reno, compares his first location with a traditional bar to his second location utilizing a PourMyBeer self-serve beverage wall, he learns that self-pour brings him a 100%+ beverage sales increase.

Efficiency of selfpour technology

Traditional VS. Self-Pour Model

When Richard wants to keep his day-to-day business cost at a minimum, he finds the right solution in PourMyBeer technology as it is not only more efficient (less time required for making cocktails) and economical (required labor reduced by 50%), it also eliminates theft, spills and over-pouring, which reduces the cost of his goods by about 20%. Not to mention that he’s now providing his guests with a unique experience that they love to come back for!

Customers Want to Sample

70% of customers prefer to have several smaller beers and sample sizes as opposed to having a full glass. PourMyBeer’s revolutionary technology embraces this trend by putting your patrons in the driver’s seat. They decide exactly how much they want to pour every time, so they can taste small amounts of multiple drinks before committing to a full glass of one.

pouring beer with PourMyBeer system

Beating the odds with PourMyBeer for strong opening profits

A retired couple in the vacation town of St. Augustine, FL pursues their self-pour dream with PourMyBeer, and has some tough odds to beat with constantly dynamic clientele. With careful planning and the help of self-pour tech, they quickly beat the odds, generating amazing profits in the first few months!

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