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The Crab House

Restaurant in Virginia turned their beverage sales from a loss to profit the very first month after implementing PourMyBeer technology. Draft beer sales increased by 529%!

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Retrofit at Leopoldo’s Pizza Napoletana

Restaurant in Carlton, Georgia makes the switch from an unreliable and faulty self-pour system of iPourit to game-changing PourMyBeer technology resulting in increased sales.

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Pizza Factory Beverage Sales Doubled with PourMyBeer

When James Huffman, the owner of the Pizza Factory in Reno compares his location with a traditional bar to his second location utilizing PourMyBeer self-serve beverage wall, he learns that self-pour brings him 100%+ beverage sales increase.

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Traditional VS Self-pour Model

When Richard wants to keep his day to day business cost at a minimum, he finds the right solution in PourMyBeer technology as it is not only more efficient (less time required for cocktails making) and economical (required labor reduced by 50%), it also eliminates theft, spills and overpouring which reduce the cost of his goods by about 20%. Not to mention that he now provides his guests with a unique experience which his guests love to come back for.

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Customers Want to Sample

70% of customers prefer to have several smaller beers and sample sizes opposed to having a full glass, PourMyBeer technology embraces this trend by putting your patrons in the riding seat. They decide how much they want to pour and taste before committing to a full glass.

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